Classmate Questionnaire

Dear Classmates,


While it may seem like just a moment ago, it has been almost 30 years since we took that fateful walk to receive our diplomas. It's been a while since we last met the very people we could not live without.

Since graduation we have all done a lot of living and we would like to get some information from you so we can share ours and your whereabouts with everyone. We hope you feel comfortable sharing the life you've led as we are eager to see how things turned out for everyone.

The answers you provide may be used to create a Memory Book for our class. The questions are very detailed and we hope you feel comfortable enough to provide the answers asked. The more information we have, the better a Memory Book we can create for everyone.

The Memory Book will be a collaborative effort that promises to be fun and engaging. Our hope in creating it is that you will want to look through it for years to come (or at least until the next class reunion). If we have good participation the completed Memory Book will be available for purchase.


Before you provide any information, here are some details you should know:

1.  Your information may be used in a Memory Book so do not put anything in the answers below that you are not comfortable sharing.

2 .Even if you do not end up attending the class reunion we would still like to include your information in the Memory Book which you may still purchase.




The Reunion Planning Committee

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1)   Where do you currently live? How long have you lived there?

2)   Name the places you have lived?

3)   What are your hobbies? What do you end up doing in your spare time?

4)   Have you ever been honored for anything?

5)   Any personal experiences you would like to share?

6)   What are your plans for the next decade?

7)   What are your favorite books or authors?

8)   What are your favorite movies from the decade we graduated in?

9)   What are your favorite TV shows?

10)   What is your favorite quote?

11)   What sports do you watch? Who is your favorite team?

12)   What were the difficult times in your life?

13)   Military? Years of Service?

14)   What occupation would you choose if money and time was not an issue?

15)   When I retire I will....

16)   What was your first paying job after graduation?

17)   What degrees have you obtained? Any other education after graduation?

18)   Current job title?

19)   What are your memberships and associations?

20)   What did you want to be in high school, and are you now doing it?

21)   Are you married?

22)   Do you have children? Names/ages?

23)   What does your family do that makes you proud?

24)   What funny stories do you have about your children?

25)   Are your parents still living? What are they doing now?

26)   Any interesting information you would like to share about your family?

27)   When did you get married? Where did you get married?

28)   Where did you go on your honeymoon?

29)   How did you meet your spouse?

30)   What was the dumbest thing you did in high school?

31)   Favorite song in high school?

32)   What is your most vivid memory from your years at LGHS?

33)   Which teacher influenced your life and made a lasting impression? Why?

34)   Did you have a best friend in school? Who was it?

35)   Who did you go to prom with?

36)   Did you participate in any of the school plays?

37)   What was the funniest moment at LGHS?

38)   What was your most embarrassing moment?

39)   Is there something you wanted to do in high school but never did?

40)   Which classmate influenced you the most?

41)   What was your favorite class?

42)   Did you have a nickname in high school?

43)   Did you have a secret crush on anyone in high school?

44)   What car did you drive in high school?

45)   What is the most interesting place you have traveled since high school?

46)   What vacations do you have planned for next year?

47)   What do you consider your greatest accomplishment since high school?

48)   Before our next reunion I want to...