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The rebellious 60's are like so yesterday - just follow the instructions regardless of how counter to your  instinct that is. 

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We welcome all students who graduated from high school in Mexico City from 1959 through 1969 AND students who attended school in the DF at the time but graduated elsewhere.

Information About Alumni:

You have access to every name in our database through "Classmate Profiles."  We do not share email addresses, so if a person is registered see the next section, Communication.  Please don't ask me if so-and-so is listed or can I get in touch with fulana de tal.  We assume that IF we have the email address of the person you are trying to locate AND they have not registered for the site, then they do not want to be contacted.


If you are a registered user, the BEST way to communicate with me and others is through Message Center (second set of menus on left).  Hit compose, enter a name, .... it's self explanatory.  With message center, the thread is kept intact so you can always return to read previous communication.  When someone writes to you through Message Center, you will receive a notice at the top right of the home page.