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•   Karen Doehner (Aldenderfer) (1967)  5/10
•   Grace Margaret Hjerpe (Scherer) (1960)  2/15
•   Martha Miller (1966)  2/15
•   Henry Burdick (1960)  2/14
•   Larry Meagher (1960)  2/13
•   Charles Heinzmann (Heinzmann) (1969)  2/10
•   Lance Hool (1966)  2/6
•   Astrid Klavins (Sköldebring) (1961)  2/6
•   Ela Arad (Podeh) (1966)  2/6
•   Enrique Garcia (1965)  1/28
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2 live in Alabama (USA)
17 live in Arizona (USA)
73 live in California (USA)
7 live in Colorado (USA)
4 live in Connecticut (USA)
2 live in Delaware (USA)
2 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
28 live in Florida (USA)
9 live in Georgia (USA)
2 live in Hawaii (USA)
4 live in Idaho (USA)
8 live in Illinois (USA)
2 live in Indiana (USA)
1 lives in Iowa (USA)
2 live in Louisiana (USA)
1 lives in Maine (USA)
4 live in Maryland (USA)
3 live in Massachusetts (USA)
11 live in Michigan (USA)
1 lives in Minnesota (USA)
2 live in Missouri (USA)
1 lives in Nevada (USA)
1 lives in New Hampshire (USA)
3 live in New Jersey (USA)
6 live in New Mexico (USA)
13 live in New York (USA)
6 live in North Carolina (USA)
5 live in Ohio (USA)
2 live in Oklahoma (USA)
5 live in Oregon (USA)
6 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
1 lives in Puerto Rico (USA)
1 lives in Rhode Island (USA)
4 live in South Carolina (USA)
2 live in Tennessee (USA)
75 live in Texas (USA)
4 live in Utah (USA)
3 live in Virginia (USA)
8 live in Washington (USA)
2 live in West Virginia (USA)
4 live in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Wyoming (USA)
1 lives in British Columbia (Canada)
3 live in Ontario (Canada)
7 live in Aguascalientes
2 live in Baja California
1 lives in Baja California Sur
28 live in Federal District
4 live in Guanajuato
9 live in México
6 live in Morelos
1 lives in Nayarit
2 live in Nuevo Leon
3 live in Oaxaca
1 lives in Puebla
2 live in Queretaro
1 lives in Quintana Roo
1 lives in Yucatan
362 live in USA
4 live in Canada
1 lives in Argentina
2 live in Germany
1 lives in Greece
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Italy
68 live in Mexico
2 live in Netherlands
2 live in Sweden
2 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Venezuela
402 location unknown
149 are deceased


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On February 26, 1869, the US Senate passed the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, giving people of all races and colors the right to vote.  Women had to wait another half century.

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