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•   Anita Fuss (Duhon) (1966)  12/4
•   Tom Kandell (1965)  11/23
•   Joyce Dymond (Kosovich) (1967)  11/18
•   Frank Johnson (1967)  11/18
•   Deborah Saunders (Keyes) (1962)  11/16
•   Peggy Edwards (Edwards) (1962)  11/16
•   Mary Collawn (Van Winkle) (1969)  11/16
•   Sharon Donohue Cahill (Cahill) (1964)  11/16
•   Roberto Newell Garcia (1965)  11/14
•   Kathi Raun Hromas (Blazer) (1965)  11/1
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2 live in Alabama (USA)
19 live in Arizona (USA)
70 live in California (USA)
7 live in Colorado (USA)
4 live in Connecticut (USA)
2 live in Delaware (USA)
2 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
28 live in Florida (USA)
7 live in Georgia (USA)
2 live in Hawaii (USA)
4 live in Idaho (USA)
8 live in Illinois (USA)
2 live in Indiana (USA)
1 lives in Iowa (USA)
2 live in Louisiana (USA)
1 lives in Maine (USA)
4 live in Maryland (USA)
2 live in Massachusetts (USA)
10 live in Michigan (USA)
1 lives in Minnesota (USA)
2 live in Missouri (USA)
1 lives in Nevada (USA)
1 lives in New Hampshire (USA)
3 live in New Jersey (USA)
6 live in New Mexico (USA)
14 live in New York (USA)
7 live in North Carolina (USA)
5 live in Ohio (USA)
2 live in Oklahoma (USA)
5 live in Oregon (USA)
5 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
1 lives in Puerto Rico (USA)
1 lives in Rhode Island (USA)
4 live in South Carolina (USA)
2 live in Tennessee (USA)
72 live in Texas (USA)
4 live in Utah (USA)
3 live in Virginia (USA)
8 live in Washington (USA)
2 live in West Virginia (USA)
4 live in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Wyoming (USA)
2 live in British Columbia (Canada)
3 live in Ontario (Canada)
8 live in Aguascalientes
2 live in Baja California
1 lives in Baja California Sur
27 live in Federal District
4 live in Guanajuato
10 live in México
6 live in Morelos
1 lives in Nayarit
1 lives in Nuevo Leon
3 live in Oaxaca
1 lives in Puebla
2 live in Queretaro
1 lives in Quintana Roo
355 live in USA
5 live in Canada
1 lives in Argentina
2 live in Germany
1 lives in Greece
1 lives in Israel
1 lives in Italy
67 live in Mexico
3 live in Netherlands
2 live in Sweden
2 live in United Kingdom
1 lives in Venezuela
416 location unknown
129 are deceased


Many thanks to Clive Dawson for sending great scans of teachers and staff.  Click HERE to enjoy them.

Test:  Did you really live in Mexico?  Click HERE.

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Click HERE for Albert Boyers' early experiment in experiential learning.

Click HERE to read about a Cold War episode that played out in Mexico City.  Fascinating!

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One of my favorite lifelong quotes is by Benito Juárez:  “Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz.”

The purpose of this site?  Our multi-cultural, multi-lingual group has benefitted from advantages denied to most of the world.  Even though we aren’t super-heroes, this group can make an incremental and positive changes around us. Well, really, the primary pupose is classmate conviviality.

Help everyone enjoy stories from the 50s and 60's (on any era) about our incredible parents.  Please send a few words, a paragraph, or an essay to the "Contact Us" link.  Thanks, and good health to everyone.

Click HERE for vertigo-producing, three minute tour of Taxco.  Be sure to view full screen!

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We don't often see AHS student publications from the 60's, but click HERE to enjoy this one submitted by fellow alum Doug Bolin.  As always, I invite neat stuff from our era.

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I launched this site on September 3, 2011 and have enjoyed it ever since.  Everyone has been most polite, and of the several hundred registered on the site I have only had to remove two ladies who were repeatedly abusive.  I can overlook rudeness once, but that's about as much s##t as I am willing to take.

Remember, I fund and maintain this website free of charge to 1959-1969 AHS and contemporary  Mexico City classmates.  We had many expat parents whose children  sometimes attended for a year or two but graduated elsewhere; they still qualify to join the site.  There are 41 US states, 13 Mexican states, and 11 other countries represented in my database.  Regardless, there are over 400 names on the "Missing Classmates" list (at left).  I ask for your help in locating our contemporaries and directing them to me to join the site.

You may disagree with my occasional essays, politics, social leanings, economics, style (or lack thereof), content, opinions, appearance, spelling, hairstyle (I'm bald, btw), accent, reading habits, or anything else about me, but as long as you make an evidence-based case I will try to listen with reciprocal politness and respect.

I don't spend much time updating the site, and I assume its value is primarily for classmates to keep in touch with one another through the private messaging system.

Here's how you can help keep the site lively:  Please make suggestions and send content as YOU keep the site interesting through updates to your profile or information you feed to me. 

Hasta luego, and good health!

Leigh Lockwood

P. S.  Maintaining the In Memory page does make me sad.  For example, there are 31 deceased from the class of 65 who either graduated with us or another institution the same year.

Click HERE to see 60 photos that captured "cool" in the 60's. 

Click HERE for interesting short video on the history of Paseo de la Reforna.

Travelog:  Mexico City museums, click HERE.  Polanco, click HERE.  Calakmul, click HERE.  Beautiful Mexico, click HERE.  Guiness world record carpet from Jardines de Mexico, click HERE.  Worlds largest pyramid, click HERE.  Click HERE for 25 beautiful places in Mexico. Construcciones Porfiristas, click HERE

Marilyn Vos Savant was asked, "Why is it that our high school experiences occupy such a prominent place in our memories?"  Her answer, "During high school, we develop the most vigorous adult bodies we will ever have.  At the same time, we possess the least amount of sense we will ever have.  This combination produces many memorable moments."

Click HERE to read about 1540 land dispute in Texcoco.

It's free and easy to join the site and see classmate profiles (and write your own) - see instructions below.  Want to get in touch with a classmate?  After logging into the site, go to the "Classmate Profiles" menu, select any classmate who has joined (look for the checkmark), and select "Send Private Message."

Click HERE for jukebox with hundreds of 60's songs.

Because the Class of '65 is the very essence of chivalry, gentility, generosity AND modesty, we welcome AHS classmates, friends from similar Mexico City schools, and all who attended the American School from 1959 through 1969 to join 65's free site.