Stan's December adventures


HELLO . . . I’ve not been doing anything. JATOE had a meeting at the Rialto - Joliet last Sunday. It was 6º Sunday morning, thus stayed in, skipped church also. The Saab is once again mobile, but don’t totally trust it yet. If anything failed at 6º, I’d be in real trouble. Newspapers would have some story to tell . . . . .


***************************************************** (from Divided Press?? wire service: 8 December 2017)


THE JOLIET SUNDAY GOSSIPER ORGANIST FOUND FROZEN IN SAAB Stanley Zimmerman of Whiting, Indiana, was found in his Saab, in a frozen state. Illinois state troopers, pulled him from the car, frozen in a sitting position, arms straight out as if still steering the car. Troopers sat Zimmerman in their back seat, en-route to hospital. Hospital people just put him in a wheel chair, with neck scarf dangling from the out stretched arms. He was placed in the hospital sauna long enough to thaw out. When hospital personnel came to retrieve him, Zimmerman exclaimed; “Close that door, there’s a draft in here !” Zimmerman was en-route to the Rialto theater to share his enthusiasm for organ music with the folks gathered there. Upon learning of his frosty episode, they were heard saying; “Guess the slang term ‘stiff’ is applicable.” Ironically, the sauna treatment brought the patient back to life, albeit slowly. He left the Saab, took the Metra commuter train to Chicago, and a friend drove him to Whiting

. ******************************** from the digital pen of Stanley Zimmerman