2014 MBHS Reunion Story

2014 MBHS Reunion Story

By Sharlene Zwing Published In The Myrtle Beach Herald..Aug 22, 2014



Subject: MBHS 2014 Reunion / Herald column


Hail, Myrtle Beach, Hail! Members of the Myrtle Beach High School Classes of 1964, '65, '66, '67 and '68 sang out at a dinner-dance which culminated a weekend long 2014 reunion on August 1st and 2nd. Amongst them a committee had worked for months arranging events and their locations with an effort to bring everyone as close as possible back to the beach of their youth. Around two-hundred alumnus began this celebration, which for some marked a Golden Anniversary, on Friday afternoon at Pine Lakes Country Club for a Seahawk Luncheon. From a list that includes classmates living as far away as New Zealand, they had arrived from points in Hawaii to Massachusetts to briefly but brightly relive their high school years and friendships. 


Despite new roads, all found their way to the country club where they had enjoyed so many dances and parties in their youth. Lunch was an exuberant affair following a meet and greet when everyone clambered for essential name badges and directories of the weekend activities. Happy Hour found the crowd refreshed and excited at the 2nd Avenue Pier. Blinkie pins twinkled "50" from the shirts of many who were commemorating their special year. Cameras flashed continuously amidst squeals of recognition and bursts of laughter. And the sun cooperated with a beautiful evening by the sea which lasted well past the appointed hour.


Spirits were not dampened when Saturday morning brought lots of liquid sunshine and the party planned for poolside on Ocean Boulevard was relocated to the Original Benjamin's, thanks to the gracious hospitality of Wanda Howard and her family. Some showed up in swimsuits under shorts, nonetheless, and threatened to swim in the parking lot! Lunch was a bountiful affair accompanied by a pep rally speech from the group's former Coach Danny Brabham. Breaking long enough to don their party duds, the throng reunited back at Pine Lakes that evening. Class photographs were taken and champagne flowed amidst white roses strewn over a memorial table honoring deceased classmates and a colorful display of the school mascot and colors. The dining room shown Green and Gold in ribbons flowing from tall bud vases of radiant Sunflowers and dozens upon dozens of column candles illuminating a pen and ink drawing of the high school building which was their alma mater razed in 1990. 


A program was presented which was highlighted by the presidents of each participating class who spoke to special memories from their high school years like Basketball State Championships and football victories over rival Conway! Dinner was a sumptuous buffet ending with a dessert of gourmet cupcakes and an impressive sheet cake which featured former reunion photos of each of the five classes in the icing. Then it was time for music and dancing which was always a large part of growing up here in Myrtle Beach. The night was filled with Rhythm and Blues and the floor filled with happy feet. And then it t was all over way too soon for these Seahawks. As good nights and good byes were being said, you could overhear the next reunion being planned.Hail, Myrtle Beach, Hail!