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04/18/12 10:05 PM #5    


Dean Todd (1967)

Randy, thanks for the invite to join.  Great job, hope more people will post photos. 

06/27/12 12:27 AM #6    

Ronald Bradley (1967)

I have been out of touch for a few years, living out of state, and consequently have not been able to attend our reunions for quite some time. I have registered and submitted my profile on this website.

Would you please let me know when our next reunion is scheduled?


Thank you so much.


Ronald Bradley, class of 1967

02/01/14 11:59 AM #7    


Jeri Boone (Walker-Boone Cruz) (1968)



Randy, all of you, who have been involved with this forum are to be applauded for your positive efforts. This will be a fantastic reunion and I thank you for all your hard work.  Dr. Jeri D. Walker-Boone Cruz, Jr.

02/01/14 12:35 PM #8    


Randy Jennings (1966)

06/04/14 10:02 AM #9    

Joey Hatchell (1965)

Randy and Patsy, Thank you so much for all this hard work. I know that it is a passion of yours and it is really appreciated by our class and me. You both are very special. God Bless you and the work you do to keep us together. Pastor Joey

07/30/14 07:33 PM #10    

Ronald Bradley (1967)


My initial plan was to attend the reunion. However, I have been asked to provide some mental health support to Syrian refugees in Lebanon. I am leaving tomorrow for two weeks.  I hope all my Myrtle Beach High School classmates will have a wonderful reunion, shagging to the Drifters, telling stories about cruising the boulevard, and experiencing the joy of being together one more time.

Blessings and peace,

Ronald Bradley

Class of 67

07/31/14 07:50 PM #11    

Susan Kearns (Wadley)

Ronald Bradley,

We don't know you, but we surely wish that we did!  You sound like an incredible person.  We wish you travel mercies & many blessings as you go into a part of the world that is not friendly to Americans.  You will be on our prayer list.


Susan Kearns & Larry Wadley


08/01/14 12:10 AM #12    


Jeri Boone (Walker-Boone Cruz) (1968)

Ronald,  I think what you are doing is SO MUCH MORE important than anything else any of us are now doing.  Don't misunderstand me, PLEASE.  I plan on being at the reunion and enjoying seeing former classmates and friends I've not seen for years, but your treck is something much greater than I could ever imagine.  God Bless and Keep you and all those accompanying you.

Dr. Jeri Danielle Walker-Boone (Cruz) Class of 1968

08/01/14 01:42 PM #13    

Betsy Baker (Nunnery) (1968)


I think what you are doing is wonderful! I cannot imagine what that will be like. Stay safe. I thought teaching high school for 38 -40 years was difficult, but I obviously I enjoyed it. I just realized that we live near you (maybe 30 miles or so). Will miss seeing you. Betsy Baker Nunnery


08/01/14 08:19 PM #14    


Herman "Buz" Martin (1966)

God bless you on your vital journey and mission, Ronald. Godspeed on your travels. See you in five years!

08/17/14 10:48 AM #15    

Robert Yencha (Nofal) (1966)

I enjoyed looking at all the great pictures on my brother Bob Nofal(Yencha) computer. I wish I had known about the reunion earlier . My name is Katherine (kathie)Nofal, my address is POBox 60635 , Palm Bay, Fla. 32910. . Odie Postens phone no, and email is somewhere in my files and was in contact with Paul Carter. the missing Bonnie Cox lives in Palm Bay, Florida., was married and worked in Palm Bay. at Harris Corp. . 

08/17/14 03:04 PM #16    

Ody Poston (1968)

Hello Kathie..Hello.. It is great to hear from you again.. My email is and my is 702-813-7123.... Call me some time.... If you get to vegas, let me know.. It would be grest to see you again..HUGS...Robert are also welcome ..

08/18/14 02:15 PM #17    

Robert Yencha (Nofal) (1966)

First of all I want to say God Bless you all.  I cannot believe all our classmates we lost over the years. I really enjoy meeting all that were there at the reunion. Randy and Darlene really out did themselves putting it all together. Great reunion!! Love you all. Robert (Yencha) Nofal


PS for all that wonders why I changed my last name. When my mother died. I took her last maiden name. 

08/18/14 10:16 PM #18    

Robert Shelley (1967)

Randy such a great job, I know it took so many hours, days and time of endless effort to put this together. So glad I was with so many classmates from the past. 


08/19/14 03:38 PM #19    


Jeri Boone (Walker-Boone Cruz) (1968)

Randy and ALL INVOLVED in preparing for, assimilating, and carrying out the 2014 MBHS Reunion, you are to be given more than applaud and accoladyes.  You TRULY outdid yourselves.   God Bless all of you for your efforts, hard work, and dedication.  Just wish more of the Class of '68 had been present.   Dr. Jeri Danielle Walker-Boone Cruz

08/20/14 07:17 AM #20    

Tom Bozeman (1966)

Well said, and best wishes for a speedy recovery! My best, Tom

09/08/17 08:40 AM #21    

Harold Dwaine Jackson Jr.



I am trying to establish communication with any of these former classmates. An email address or address would be most helpful.


Diann Ericson            -    Class of 1965

Barbara Harrrelson    -   Class of 1965

Bill Anderson              -    Class of 1963

Buzzy Mullis                 -    Class of  1963

Carolyn Richardson     -   Possibly Class of 1959 or 1960

Ronnie Lamb                -   Posibly Class of 1960


Your help would be greatly appreciated.  I would like to see a forum that lets a Seahawk have a request for contact information sent to the other party with a notice a specific Seahawk is trying to reach them. If theother party wanted to reply, they could do so at will.

Best Regards.

Dwaine Jackson    -  Class of 1963

Lexington, SC





09/08/17 01:05 PM #22    


Randy Jennings (1966)

Ronnie Lambe is available on this site, go to the seahawk profiles and search his name when you find it you may send him a private messages .


he is suppose to be at the next Seahawk luncheon on Oct 6, 2017

Randy Jennings

09/08/17 01:19 PM #23    


Randy Jennings (1966)

Sorry Ronnie is available only on Seahawk Luncheon same instructions.



09/08/17 01:22 PM #24    


Randy Jennings (1966)

I am going to be out of town until Sept 27, 2017. Will get in touch with you then.


09/26/19 08:59 AM #25    

Linda Kara (Hodges) (1964)


Yesterday a birthday notice for Hobby Hucks appeared. Please remove his name because he passed away years ago.  Thank you, Linda K. Hodges

09/26/19 08:36 PM #26    


Randy Jennings (1966)

I am sorry his Birthday notice went out,  I found out that putting up an In Memory page for Hobby prevented the notice from going out to the Seahawk Luncheon website. Unfortunately Hobby was also a member of the Seahawk Luncheon and the MBHS Reunions website but his obituary was not posted on the  MBHS Reunions website this causing the notice to go out. An oversite on my part and I appoligy.


Hope you are doing well, you should join us for one of the Seahawk Luncheon at Pine Lakes CC, the next one is Oct 4, 2019.


Thank you.



10/07/19 10:19 AM #27    

Linda Kara (Hodges) (1964)

Randy, thank you for the note. I appreciate what you do. Jesse and I have had some health issues but doing much better. Hope your shoulder heals quickly. I have postponed mine for years!! Margaret Ramsey keeps me updated...Take care!! Linda K, Hodges

09/15/21 11:14 PM #28    

Linda Gainey (1967)

Just wanted to let you know that Jeri Boone (Walker) class of 1968 passed away a couple of years ago. She lived in Laurens SC.  

12/23/21 07:16 PM #29    

Patricia Jean Crowson (Letcher) (1966)

Does anyone have information regarding Toby Cooper, class of 1966?

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