Past Reunions

This page contains assorted photographs taken at past reunions.  It is our goal to obtain a group photo from every reunion.  If you have a group picture from a past reunion, or any other reunion pictures, please feel free to send them to for posting.

5-Year Class Reunion




10-Year Class Reunion

 June 19, 1971
Old Pike




15-Year Class Reunion





20-Year Class Reunion

June 20-21, 1981
Union Hall, Macken Park





25-Year Class Reunion

August 16, 1986
Hilton Airport Plaza Inn




30-Year Class Reunion

August 16-17, 1991
54th Street Bar, Old Pike



35-Year Class Reunion

 August 16-17, 1996
Cascone's, Old Pike




40-Year Class Reunion

September 14-15, 2001
Cascone's, Hobbs Farm



45-Year Class Reunion

 October 6-7, 2006
NKC Bowling Alley, BoJo's




50-Year Class Runion

September 16-17, 2011
Argosy Casino, Hotel & Spa