Who Am I? - form

Here is a guide to giving a more complete picture of who we are and what we think and where we have been. Give it a go.

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1)   Where have you lived?

2)   Where have you traveled? and which do you recommend?

3)   What authors do you love and which books would you recommend?

4)   What is the best movie ever made?

5)   What is the most important thing you have learned since you turned 50?

6)   Describe your two best memories of FWC.

7)   Who was your favorite teacher? Why?

8)   What do you remember learning at FWC?

9)   What is your most proud accomplishment? or the top three?

10)   What goals do you have between now and our 50th reunion?

11)   What about yourself, not covered above do you want to share with the class?