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10/26/08 07:05 AM #1    

Gary Woodward (Woodward)

Welcome to the Fort Worth Christian High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/02/08 09:30 PM #2    

Richard Cooper

Howdy classmates and friends! Being in touch with this group makes me shake my head in bewilderment and say,"I can't believe my classmates and I graduated FORTY years
ago!" One of the effects of this large span of time going by is that it is likely some of the people at FWC that meant a lot to us have probably passed away. Having said that, if they are still with us, I would love to be in contact with three FWC teachers that came to mind immediately as people who had a great positive influence on me: Bro. George Dodd,(Rance's father,) Coach Garland Johnson, and Bro. Gary Elliott(sp?). The last time I saw Coach J was about 20 years ago and he was teaching in the Tyler area. It may have been even longer ago that I found Bro. Elliott earned his PhD and was on the Harding Univ. faculty. I hope to see many of you at the reunion, but due to several outside factors my wife and I may not be able to commit to attending until around the 14th of Nov.
May God bless us all, always- Richard Cooper

11/03/08 08:14 AM #3    

Mary Kay Woodward (Knox)


Good to hear from you!

You asked of threee of your teachers. Brother Dodd, within the past year has recently gone to be with the Lord. He was in great health up until his 90"s. I believe he was 91 when he passed.

Garland Johnson is also with the Lord. I do not know the year. It has been at least 10 years.

I believe Gary Elliott is still a Professor at Harding University and has been theremany years. I hope someone else can fill in more information at our reunion.


Mary Kay Woodward Knox

11/12/08 08:18 PM #4    

Richard Cooper

Howdy Mary Kay!

Thank you for the updates. I hope this web site will help many of us remember great people and events that influenced us at FWC. I also hope some of us can reclaim friendships that we wish had never faded in the past.

I pray everything is great with you and your loved ones as well as with our old FWC friends and their loved ones.

May God bless us all, always-

Richard Cooper (a/k/a Dicky in our elementary years)

11/17/08 03:15 PM #5    

Larry Costlow

Howdy everyone. In response to the Gary Elliott info, I think he retired as Head of the English Dept at Harding. Spends his time raising cattle. Go figger.

Larry Costlow

11/19/08 06:37 AM #6    

James Beaver

I was supposed to give my email address to someone who had taken a picture of me and Lynette Womack at the reunion, but I forgot to, and now I can't remember who it was. Anyone remember? Anyway, my email is

I had a GREAT time at the reunion. Let's do it again next week.

11/22/08 10:46 PM #7    

Beth Schlotzhauer (Talboys)

Hey everyone,

I finally posted my pictures from the reunion.....



(actually my grandaughter did the uploading!!)

11/26/08 08:32 PM #8    

Larry Costlow

I feel like I missed the party of the century...pee-diddly! It has been great to see all the pics and get a few giggles along the way. Special thanks to Gary W and Carol S Mc for all the things they've done. All of you hold a special place in my heart. I've met so many people through the years who felt like their high school years were worthless and of no importance to their present lives. I, to the contrary, think I had the most wonderful high school friends and a GREAT life...still do. I'd love to hear from any and all of you. Keep those profiles up to date. I love the website and have made it a part of my daily mail-checks. As long as you're vibe-ing, please send Lawrence Schlotz some healing thoughts and prayers. He too good a guy to let go too soon.

My best to you all...far and near

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