How to Join & About the Site

Want to Join?  It's easy and FREE!

For Classmates:
     1. To JOIN, click on "Classmate & Guest Profiles" on the menu 
     2. On the next page, click on your YEAR
     3. On the third page, find YOUR NAME and click on it  (you will create your own password)

     * If you do not see your name...
click on "Classmate & Guest Profiles" again
         * click on "Add Yourself Here" (above all the years listed)
         * enter your info, and follow steps (you will create your own password)

For Faculty or Staff:
     1. To JOIN, click on "Faculty & Staff Profiles" on the menu. 
     2. Find YOUR NAME and click on it.  (you will create your own password)
     *  If you do not see your name, please contact me and I will add you.

For Guests:
     We welcome spouses, parents, friends, and anyone who is interested in our site. 
     Guests have COMPLETE access to the site, just as classmates and faculty do.
     * Please contact me and I will add you.

About the website...

This website is NOT made by a company!  I know, because I (Lynn Gage Cunningham, Class of 79) created and maintain it.  You will NOT get spammed either.

And did I mention the website is FREE?  NO COST WHATSOEVER!

This website was created because I was tired of seeing class websites that wanted money!  This website is FREE!  It will not cost you one penny, EVER, and you will be able to interact with your classmates through email, profile postings, user & message forums, and chat.

The site was started as we planned out 30 year reunion for the Class of 1979.  I thought it would be a great way to get everyone connected.  Turns out it was!  Other years wanted to join, so the site expanded to include everyone!

About your privacy...

Most pages cannot be viewed unless you have joined the site and are logged in.  Only fellow classmates that are LOGGED IN can view the information on your profile.

You are in control of the privacy level of your profile!  There are individual privacy controls located at the bottom of the page when you create (or edit) your profile.  Read each carefully and set them however you want.


This site does not send spam!  Contact information will only be used for Reunion or Alumni related purposes and is never given out.

For those of you with spam blocking or email filtering capabilities, please add to your email account as a safe sender in order to receive email communications from the site.

You can privately email other classmates through the site, as well as post comments publicly to their profile.

Class Reunions...

If you are planning a Class Reunion, please contact me so I can get it online and help you get the word out!


If you have an Announcement for everyone (such as a new baby, grandbaby, wedding, whatever!), select "POST ANNOUNCEMENT" on the menu under "Member Functions".  Enter your info, and it will send an email to me to be approved.  I will then set it up and get it online!