In Memory

Clay Byers - Class Of 1958

Clay Byers

Notice received from Lola Haney Walker, Class of 1959:

Clay and I continued to date from 1958 after his family returned to the U.S. His father, Gen. Clovis Byers was stationed at the Pentagon and the family lived at Ft Myers. I had returned home to Arlington and finished my last two years of high school at Washington-Lee in Arlington. Clay went to Bullis Prep in Maryland to study for West Point. He wasn't accepted and went to Georgetown Foreign Service School where I had matriculated. We continued to date until the end of 1961. He raced sports cars at Bowie, Maryland whenever he could. He was always a lot of fun, learned to play the guitar and would sing and play at parties. He married the sister of a friend who also raced cars. I attended his wedding about 1962 and, I understand he had 5 children. I moved away when I married in 1963 so I don't know much more. Some PAHS Friends stopped by to visit from time to time.