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•   Robert Dingeman (1964)  7/11
•   Shea Mackenzie (1962)  6/13
•   Sandra Prescott (Laney) (1961)  5/26
•   Barry McCloskey (1960)  5/22
•   Kathleen Krank (1969)  5/21
•   Janet Connelly (Moore) (1966)  5/11
•   Dawnelle McCuskey (Krouse) (1965)  3/27
•   Marc Scott (1968)  3/7
•   Jennifer Meredith (Cunningham) (1967)  2/18
•   Mimi Scellato (Betz) (1961)  2/8
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27 live in Alabama (USA)
4 live in Alaska (USA)
34 live in Arizona (USA)
7 live in Arkansas (USA)
1 lives in Armed Forces Pacific (USA)
129 live in California (USA)
48 live in Colorado (USA)
3 live in Connecticut (USA)
3 live in Delaware (USA)
10 live in District Of Columbia (USA)
139 live in Florida (USA)
55 live in Georgia (USA)
14 live in Hawaii (USA)
7 live in Idaho (USA)
16 live in Illinois (USA)
5 live in Indiana (USA)
5 live in Iowa (USA)
7 live in Kansas (USA)
11 live in Kentucky (USA)
7 live in Louisiana (USA)
6 live in Maine (USA)
46 live in Maryland (USA)
19 live in Massachusetts (USA)
13 live in Michigan (USA)
8 live in Minnesota (USA)
4 live in Mississippi (USA)
13 live in Missouri (USA)
3 live in Montana (USA)
11 live in Nebraska (USA)
26 live in Nevada (USA)
3 live in New Hampshire (USA)
16 live in New Jersey (USA)
27 live in New Mexico (USA)
26 live in New York (USA)
48 live in North Carolina (USA)
17 live in Ohio (USA)
16 live in Oklahoma (USA)
34 live in Oregon (USA)
22 live in Pennsylvania (USA)
7 live in Rhode Island (USA)
25 live in South Carolina (USA)
19 live in Tennessee (USA)
139 live in Texas (USA)
7 live in Utah (USA)
5 live in Vermont (USA)
1 lives in Virgin Islands (USA)
144 live in Virginia (USA)
35 live in Washington (USA)
4 live in West Virginia (USA)
10 live in Wisconsin (USA)
1 lives in Wyoming (USA)
906 live in USA
1 lives in Canada
2 live in Australia
1 lives in Belgium
1 lives in Belize
1 lives in Christmas Island
1 lives in Costa Rica
5 live in France
1 lives in Germany
1 lives in Ireland
1 lives in Italy
1 lives in Japan
1 lives in Malaysia
1 lives in Mexico
1 lives in Norway
1 lives in Portugal
2 live in Switzerland
1 lives in United Kingdom
1 lives in Venezuela
785 location unknown


•   Larry Orr (1965)  7/14
•   James Cunningham (Cunningham) (1962)  7/15
•   Victor Reasoner (DeKoenigsberg) (1963)  7/15
•   Mary Corneliussen (1963)  7/16
•   Kent "Big Butch "Crozier (1963)  7/16
•   Kim "Moody" Forgey (1964)  7/16
•   Ray Wobbe (1963)  7/16
•   John Kirk (1965)  7/17
•   James Kruse (1965)  7/17
•   William Carey (1970)  7/18
•   Seme Woods (Newlin) (1964)  7/18
•   Dave Burlin (1965)  7/19
•   Karen McGauhey (Colburn ) (1969)  7/19
•   Jerry Moreland (1965)  7/19
•   Burt Mitchell (1965)  7/20
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I live in the mountains of east Tennessee now and I love it. My grandparents home became available for purchase when a family member passed and I bought it. It was been undergoing a major renovation for over a year, but is getting close to being complete. I love the small town and the mountains, and always wanted this old house. It is a "dream achieved" for me. I became a CPA but retired in 2014. Now, I am a certified personal life coach who empowers people to live a life they love. There is no moss growing under my feet or in my mind. My health is good and I love my life.

And we wonder sometimes why we felt so special after attending DOD schools? Here is an interesting article from The New York Times that speaks to the experience. Enjoy.


The amazing transformation of PAHS to ASP     





From a DoDEA school to an independent, international school in Paris, offering an American curriculum to students ages 3–18 from more than 64 countries.  To see the modernization of American High School to the American School of Paris, visit

Keep these in mind the next time you are in Paris!
The Best Croissant in Paris


All: I started out to write a short family geneology and ended up with a reality thriller called TIMEFLASH of over 480 pages. There is a good slug about PAHS times and antics between 55-58. If you are interested you can find a summary at: OR at Amazon Books under Autobiography Best to All-Johnny T., Class of 1958