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Stephen Krause - Class Of 1965

Class of 1966

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03/27/11 11:52 AM #3    

Frank Buras (1966)

Steve was a good friend of mine and I will never forget him.  He and I spent the last day of his life together.  We caught the Army shuttle bus down to the Arc de Trioumph and then the metro to the left bank for a day hanging out in Paris.

That night we were to meet at the Teen club at Belle Maniore (sp) to attend the Saturday night dance that was a mainstay activity for us PAHS teenagers.  Steve never showed up...  On Monday at school it was announced he was no longer with us.

As I recall, Steve was trying to make a weight class on the wrestling team.  In an attempt to drop a few pounds he barricaded himself in the family bathroom at home with a space heater and proceeded to work out.  Unknown to most of us at that young age carbon monoxide poisoning is a killer.

Rus I'm sorry for your loss and can't imagine the grief you and your family have experienced.  Steve and I were close and I've always wanted to reach out to you and your family to relate the last day story.  We were carefree kids just out enjoying the beauty that living in such a great place as Paris gave us.

Belated condolances to you and your family.

Frank Buras

Class of '66



02/21/12 09:11 PM #4    

Guy Cassegrain

 I met your brother once. My brother and I, in '63 or '64 were at a fête on the side of the road between Belmanoir and the village of La Celle St. Cloud (and beyond to Elysée II). Neither of us had "gear" bikes but we worshiped them. Up rode your brother on a Flandria Rekord - if I'm not mistaken - with another fellow. We crowded around them (we were younger) and peppered them with questions. They were amenable and amused. Then we started hanging around the Teen Club some time later but I never saw him there. I guess this notice explains the sad reason why. I know it's a long time later but I'm sorry to hear about it nevertheless.

 Interestingly, I later bought a Yellow Rekord from Steve Davis († 1970). Now I'm wondering if it was your brother's.

  You may recall that very good band, The Sentries, from ASP, that played the dances at the Teen Club in those years, as well as at the Embassy. The core of the group was a pair of twins, the McMainses, who played bass and organ. Well, they're in Duarte or Fullerton and still playing under the moniker "Taxi Logic". Maybe you can check them out sometime. Take care, -G.C.

03/02/12 06:45 PM #5    

Rus Krause (1965)

Thanks to all for your kind comments about Steve.  It makes his memory more alive for me to know that he is also remembered by you. 

05/17/12 10:21 AM #6    

Michael Stephen Sidman (1966)

My dear Rus, It's been close to 50 years since we last met. Steve and I were wrestling in the same weight class, 149 lbs, and we were at about parity. We both wanted to win, of course, and there was a race on to strengthen ourselves, but also keep the weight down. I will always miss Steve, a real straight arrow. Michael

05/23/14 01:35 PM #7    

John Glover (1966)

steve was my best friend and riding buddy. good at everything with a great sense of humor. we rode all over the paris area on our flandria records. we were in turkey when i heard of his death, what a shame to lose him. 

05/24/14 06:50 PM #8    

Vickie Calhoun (Hyland) (1965)

God Bless you and your family. We can always cherish the love and life that we shared.

05/25/14 12:15 PM #9    

Darrel Therriault (1963)


I remember both you and Steve from Sgt. Bluff-Luton at Sioux City AFB.  We had just rotated from Paris in 1961 and I believe your family rotated to Paris in 1963. Ironic to say the least.  My brother Walt '66 and Duane '67 were friends with Steve and I think Walt was in the same class with him.  I checked my old yearbooks and you are both in the 1963 edition.  Such a tragic end to someone so young and full of life.  Its sad to hear this albeit almost 50 years later.  A good thing about memories is they stay with you forever.

Take care...........Darrel Therriault '63

02/20/16 06:09 PM #10    

Chris Kilpatrick (1966)

I remember when Steve passed away during our junior year. I did not know him that well but he seemed to me like a very intelligent and good person. I realize that t is so many years later but looking at this websight reminded me of this tragic accident. Steve was in several of my classes . I would like to express to his family my deepest condolences for your loss.

02/21/16 10:08 PM #11    

Don Cook (1965)

I remember this tragic accident as well.  Steve was dating Kathy Dusenberry's sister and Kathy informed me of it.  Seems like a century ago and just think of the man Stephen would have become.  Don Cook

09/30/19 10:24 PM #12    

Richie Connell (1966)

Hello Russ,


I remember you and Steve quite well and Steve was in my French 2 class.  He help make it possible for me to pass the final exam, otherwise I probably would have failed it and would have had to take it over. And you my friend seemed to have a ball going into Paris at night to play guitar probably over in the left bank if I remember correctly? Folk music was very much in style at that time and as I recall, that is exactly what you played for the most part. Our mutual friend Rick Crawford was considering me to play rhythm guitar for his band The Honkers. But as fate would have it you were a better guitarist than I and you got the nod for rhythm guitar not I. I sure enjoyed listening to you guys play.  I bought Rick's Silvertone guitar as his new Fender Jazzmaster?? had arrived just before the band was formed. 

Your mom and dad came out to the San Diego area back in the early 70s and looked up my folks who had them come out to visit us in their new home.  They had plans at that time to buy an avocado farm in Fallbrook, CA. which is the avocado capital of the US.  We all enjoyed talking especially about Steve and you as well.  Don't know how their plans worked out or not but sure hope they had success if they did commit to the farm purchase.

Hope all is well with you Russ and out of couriosity where do you presently call home?


Best Regards

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