25th Reunion

















The Perry Hall Class of 83 would like to welcome our attending alumni 

We would like to express a special welcome to Mrs. Ellen Patterson (Friedman) and her husband, who traveled all the way from New Jersey to be our guest. Mrs. Patterson was our class sponsor and we would like to thank her for her years of hard work and dedication. She was our support, our mentor and especially our friend.



Joe Papa

was accidentally listed as deceased at our 20 year reunion.

We would like to bring him back to the land of the living. We sincerely apologize for this error and thank Joe for his understanding and forgiveness.


We would like to announce this year’s recipient of the

 “Longest distance traveled”.

Chris Forrest has traveled from the United Kingdom to be with us tonight.


A special congratulations to our Married Alumni;


Frank and Heiddy (Adams) DiGregorio

Paul and Kira (Kiladis) Muller

Greg and Laura (Parlett) Ellison

Michael and Evelyn (Poblete) McSoreley




A special thanks to our web site sponsors:


Gene Penxa 2009

Gary Gealy 2010

Will Stoffel 2011

Allen Auchenpaugh 2012

Bernie Friest 2013



Special Thanks to:


-Jean Moyer (Teal) for her donations of the beautiful mums for our centerpieces and raffle prizes.

-Diane Michal and her boyfriend Allen of Chadwick Liquor’s on Security

Blvd for their prize donations -

-Les Williams for his extra monetary donation toward the decorations.

-Fran August (Donaldson) for her 50/50 board and all her help and support (I don’t know what I would have done without you)

-Chuck McFadden (Krista Spangler’s brother) for downloading and recording our reunion music

-Will Stoffel for doing an amazing job as one of our web site administrators. And fixing my mistakes all the time.  


Raffle tickets are for sale $1 each or 6 for $5.00

(Great prizes: CD’s, T-shirts, mums and wine)


50/50 board is $5.00 per ticket with a $250 prize.

(there will be 2 boards)



 25 Year Reunion Attendees

Dave Adams

Heiddy Adams Gregorio

Kim Allen Ellis

David Appel

Fran August Donaldson

Lora Bernhardt Ballard

Laura Bichell Ullrich

Pam Boan Pietro

Kris Burkart

Kathleen Butt Clark-Meurer

Cynthia Carr Dahlby

Lisa Colston Bon

Wiliam Cookerly

John Davis

Arnulfo Dela Cruz

Richard Dilworth

Greg Ellison

Ronald Fisher

 Ellen Foos Crouch

Christopher Forrest

JoAnne Gallantino

Joe Gingell

Patty Gingell

Bernadette Gordon Gerhardt

Greg Grybowski

Brian Hartlove

Debra Hatfield kahl

Glenn Heinbuch

Barb Henry

Shelly Hershberger (Martell)

Bob Hesse

Mark Huesman

Steve Ireland

Tina Johnson (Holmes)

Patrick Jonke

Kelly Kearney Jones 

Kira Kiladis Muller

Min Kim

Michelle Kimos (Goodell)

Leon Kucharski

Jennifer McCartin

Lisa McCoach Mundy

James McDonald

Michael McSoreley

Diane Michel

James Miklosovish

Dana Miller

Jean Moyer Teal

Paul Muller

Ed Notarangelo

Joe Papa

Laura Parlett Ellison

Gene Penxa

Nicole Piccione

Kitty Placek Bartoszak

Evelyn Poblete McSoreley

Ken Preston

Amy Roberts

Ray Shepard

Ken Siemasko

Krista Spangler Hanson

Kirsten Steiner Stone

Stephanie Stylc Mentzer

Paul Thompson

Kelly Turner Seipp

Karen Vandenoever O’Brian

Dawn Wales Jacobs

Leslie Williams

Rebecca Winslow Cotsoradis

Lisa Wren Martinez

Brenda Wright Rappold

John Zink


Perry Hall High School 25 Year Class Reunion Song list


“All Summer Long” -Kid Rock- Rebecca Winslow Cotsorodis

“Summer of 69”- Bryan Adams- Greg Ellison and LauraParlett(Ellison)

“Do you really want to hurt me”-Culture Club-Kirsten Steiner Stone (G)

“Every Breath you take”-Police- Paul Muller (G)

“Hit me with your best shot” Pat Benatar – Amy Roberts

“Holiday”- Madonna-Laura Bichell Ullrich (G)

Thunder Road”- Springsteen- Paul Muller

“More than a feeling”- Boston- Shelly Hershberger Martell (G)

“Melt with you” – Modern English- Tina Johnson Holmes #15 1983

“Hungry Like a Wolf”- Duran Duran- Gene Penxa

“Caught up in you” -38 Special-Lisa Wren Martinez (G)

“Don’t Stop Believing” Journey- Kirsten Steiner Stone (G)-#73-1982

“Photograph”- Def Leppard- Lisa Wren Martinez (G)-#27 1983

“If” Bread-Pam Boan Pietro

“I’ve been waiting for a girl”- Foreigner- William Cookerly

“Dirty Deeds”-AC/DC- John Davis (G)

“Cum on feel the noise”- Quiet Riot- #60- 1983

“Mr. Roboto”- Styx- Paul Muller (G) #37- 1983

“Rock of Ages”-Def Leppard- Steve Ireland-#21 1983

“Open Arms” – Journey- Paul and Kira (G)-#34-1982

“Here I am”-Air Supply- #80- 1982 “Hurts so Good”- John Mellencamp- #8-1982

“Your love is driving me crazy”-Sammy Hagar- #79-1983

“Always on my mind”- Willie Nelson-Rick Dilworth (country) #22 1982

“Young”-Kenny Chesney- Rebecca Winslow Cotsorodis- Not 80’s but appropriate

“Billie Jean”- Michael Jackson- Fran August Donaldson

“Gloria”- Laura Branigan #56 -1983

“Mickey”- Toni Basil- #36 1983

“More than a feeling”- Boston- Shelly Hershberger Martell (G)

“Hot Blooded”- Foreigner- Paul Thompson

“Any way you want it” –Journey- Lisa Wren Martinez (G)

“Come on Eileen”- Dexy’s Midnight Runners- #13 1983

“I Love Rock and Roll”- Joan Jett- #3-1982

“Thriller”- Michael Jackson” Fran August Donaldson

“We got the beat” Go Go’s -#25- 1982

“Long Time” –Boston- Paul Muller (G)

 “Cocaine” –Eric Clapton – Was there one single dance that DIDN’T play this song?

“”Urgent”-Foreigner- Krista Spangler Hanson- Cruising in my Dad’s Red Chevy van with Carole Little right after I got my license.

Electric Avenue”- Eddy Grant- #22- 1983

“Hysteria”-Def Leppard- John Davis (G)

“Eye of The Tiger” Survivor-#2-1982

Separate Ways” –Journey- Shelly Hershberger Martell (G) #11-1983

“Total Eclipse of the Heart”-Bonnie Tyler- #6-1983

“Freeze Frame”-J Geil’s Band-#49-1982

“Hot in the City Tonight”- Billy Idol-#90- 1982

“Loving, Touchin, Squeezing’-Journey-John Davis (G) #99-1982

“Everybody’s working for the weekend”- Loverboy-#96- 1982

“Through the years”-Kenny Rogers- #99- 1982


Class Song


“Time for me to Fly- REO Speedwagon – Kira Kilads Muller


“Though my past is now footprints in the sands of time,

 There’s a magic in the distance here the sea

And line meets the sky,

 And with this final sunset, a teardrop dims my eye.

  I’ve recognized the need to go…It’s time for me to fly.”


Kira Kiladus Muller




After Reunion party:

Padonia Station

63 E Padonia Rd
Timonium, MD 21093-2306


Start out going SOUTHEAST on BEAVER DAM RD toward IVY HILL RD.      1.5 mi


Turn RIGHT to stay on BEAVER DAM RD.  2.0 mi


Turn LEFT onto W PADONIA RD.0.7 mi


f you have pictures from the 25th year reunion,

please send them to klhgadget@aol.com. If you have

a business card please send me that also,

we are making a Class of 83 yellow pages link.


25 Year Reunion at Oregon Ridge

( My apologies to those who had left and we didn't take the picture earlier)

Mrs. Ellen Patterson (Friedman) our Class advisor traveled from Northern New Jersey to be with us. 



Our prize table (Guess which prizes got chosen first)

Chris Forrest wins the Longest Distance award.

We'd like to thank all those who traveled long distances to be with us.

 James and Les all the way from California and many more.


Not a great picture but...notice where everyone is....around the keg. haha.

John Davis and his wife Wendy

Bernadette and Michelle

Joe Papa and Rebecca Winslow Cotsoradis

Vincent Parynis and Juliet (his girlfriend)

Rebecca, Bern and Karen

Tina Johnson Holmes, Joe Papa., Rebecca and Joe Hammen

Tina, Joe H, Joe P, and Bern

Rebecca, Joe, Nicki, Vince P, Bernadette and Kris Burkart