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07/28/08 11:02 PM #12    

William Stoffel

Miss Schalla's - AM Kindergarten - 1970 - I found the class picture in my archives and I'm sure it will be dear to the heart of 83's original 15 :) - * scroll all the way down in my profile, or message me for a link to the full size image. -Will

08/11/08 02:41 PM #13    

Kenneth Preston

Will, There was another kindergarden PM class that I was in. I can not remember the teachers name. I will have to dig into my boxes of stuff for my class pictures. THERE ARE MORE THAN 15!

08/20/08 05:07 PM #14    

Jeanne Schott (Feist)

Hey Gators!

I was planning on being at the reunion (I haven't missed one yet!) but unfortunately my mom fell and broke her hip on Friday. She and my dad live on the Eastern Shore and I have been back and forth all week. My sisters and I will be taking turns going there and helping out and I'm not sure I'll be in town for the reunion. I'll miss seeing everyone and catching up with old friends. I still live in PH so if anyone wants to get together, just call!

Have Fun!!

08/25/08 12:31 PM #15    

Krista Spangler (Markline)

I'm bringing mine but only to help. I'm putting them to work. lol.

08/26/08 12:25 PM #16    

James McDonald

Hey all, looking forward to seeing everyone!!! (again :-) I know there are several of us who are traveling long distances to make it (one guy all the way from England?!?) - hopefully that gives you 'locals' incentive to make the effort to drive across town :-) No kids for me, and not 100% that my wife Teresa will be able to go either (work issues) - I hope she can, she's prettier, smarter, AND more fun than I am!!! (not hard to be I guess)

See you soon,

[James McD]

08/27/08 11:24 PM #17    

Glo Fonshill (Flateau)

Hello everyone. I am so sad that I will not be at the reunion. I have recieved several letters from those who want me there but Joe and I will be at OC. We go every year at that time. This will be the 1st reunion that I have missed :{ . I hope everyone takes lots of pictures and post them so I can imagine myself there.If anyone wants to contact me you can reach me on Have a great time, Glo

09/03/08 07:10 PM #18    

Diane Michel

I hope all my Kingsville Elementary pals are coming to the reunion, I heard Mr. Dorr (gym teacher) retired. Anyone remember roller skating in the gym? How about you Bichell?

09/04/08 10:51 AM #19    

Laurie Bichell

OMG!!! - I so do remember - back pocket comb included. LOL - I cannot wait to see everyone - I am so looking foward to it. Diane, I first met you in kindergarden Fork - remember when we rode the tricycle down the steps and got into trouble ? How about the alphabet book we made ? I am sure you still have that incredible talent.

09/04/08 03:10 PM #20    

Heather Akehurst (Krause)

I'm sorry to be missing the reunion; I'm scheduled away this weekend. I did want to post my acknowledgement and appreciation for all of Krista's hard work and coordination in getting this website together and tracking people down. She's done a wonderful job and deserves lots of credit.
I'm happy to have re-connected with a few old friends, having lost track of just about everybody since HS. I've had lots of fun reviewing profiles and recalling the days "way back when" (Tirzah's photo contributions have been particularly fabulous!).
I hope everyone has a wonderful time and I look forward to the updates and photos to follow.
Thanks again, Krista

09/04/08 08:42 PM #21    

Diane Michel

LOL Laur, I remember Fork kindergarden, we were always getting in trouble. Can't wait to see you Saturday!!

09/08/08 08:37 PM #22    

Debra Hatfield (Kahl)

Hello everbody!!! I had a blast at the 25 year reunion,I just wish more classmates would have attended.I really enjoyed seeing everyone that was there. Many thanks to Krista Hanson for putting the reunion together and all who helped her do so.

09/09/08 01:28 PM #23    

David Adams

What a Great Reunion..... 25 years is along time between hugs and Hi's. I am sorry I missed the others. Great Job Krista !!!!

I will be at the next one.

Dave Adams

09/10/08 04:11 PM #24    

Bernadette Gordon (Gerhardt)

THANK YOU, KRISTA!!! For such a successful, fun reunion. This reunion was the best one yet. Thanks for all of your efforts and hard work. Everyone that I spoke to at the reunion agreed. GREAT TIME was had by all!!!!!! Hey Dave Adams, next time don't run and hide from Becky Winslow and I : - ) To Tina, Michelle and Kitty, thanks for being such a bad influence! You girls are STILL hysterical. Also, thanks to Joe Papa for being the "Reunion Wine Expert"!!!! Quintie and Juliet, it was truly a blast!!!! Can't wait for the next reunion. Bernadette Gerhardt

10/14/08 09:35 AM #25    

Glo Fonshill (Flateau)

Hey everyone,were are the pictures!!!!! I can't wait to see them. Nobody has posted any.I heard it was a great time now I want to see! Glo

10/28/08 06:33 PM #26    

Arnulfo DelaCruz

For the first time since high school, I went to a JV football game last Thursday. The football field has changed a lot. They call it a stadium now. For the good news. There is now lights,metal bleachers, concession stand, and a ticket booth and gate. For the not so good news. The entire field is sorrounded by a covered chain link fence and you have to pay to watch the game. You can't see anything from the hill side of the field.
The JV team is pretty good. They were undefeated(6-0) until I came to watch the game. They lost. By the way, my nephew Eric is one of the quarterbacks. They switch every series.
I believe the varsity team is 4-2.
The players look a lot smaller now then they did back then, or maybe I'm a lot bigger(fatter). HA HA HA

09/03/10 08:36 PM #27    


Francine August (Donaldson)

Perry Hall will do it right when they dedicate the track to Coach Martin.  He was awesome!  He loved his school, the kids, the teams and the sports!  He taught what it meant to be part of a team.  Even though I never played team sports at Perry Hall, I did have him for gym and thought he was a tough little guy.  I'd see him after school on the track when I was at cheerleading practice - always had a whistle around his neck.  Years later, I'd see him at Holabird Sports in Rosedale after he retired...still wearing his double knit coach's shorts and a polo.   One day I stopped in the store and asked for him. As soon as the sales guy said "coach?" I knew it.  It made me so sad to think a part of Perry Hall history was gone.  Coach was a great person, a great asset to the Perry Hall Gators family.  He will always be missed.

10/30/10 09:46 PM #28    


Francine August (Donaldson)

Coolest thing ever!  Running into two very old friends in Canton (Rebecca Winslow and Joe Papa) - only to find, after all these years, they have found eachother and fell in love!  Congratulations Rebecca and Joe! May you be blessed with many happy years together!

12/22/10 11:25 AM #29    


Joseph Papa


It was without a doubt incredible to run into you in Canton after not seeing you for 27 years. Boy how time flies! Thank you so much for your warm thoughts. See you again soon.

06/07/13 12:24 PM #30    


June Sommers (Peyer)

cheekyOnly a few more days until the 30th Reunion....

wow! Has it been that long? Looking forward to seeing the class I have not seen in 30 years......can't wait to see everyone now that we are grown ups...I' m sure I 'm not the only one who still feels like a high school kid!!!!   See everyone there..

07/01/13 08:48 PM #31    


June Sommers (Peyer)

What a lovely time I had with my husband at our high school reunion.This was my first reunion and I am so glad to have attended!!!!

It was nice to speak to old friends, some who I have known since I was six years old! I also enjoyed talking with The McDonald's- Jim- who I never met in school and his wife, truly nice people! I eagerly look forward to our's hoping the years between are happy and healthy for everyone.

June Peyer ( née Sommers)


09/08/14 09:48 PM #32    


June Sommers (Peyer)

Hi Everyone!

I may not be attending our 35th Reunion as I am moving to Europe-more specifically, Germany, early next year. Perhaps my annual visit with family will coincide with the Reunion, that would be lovely! 

I am really looking forward to Christmas in Germany and ski season in the Alps- long weekend getaways during ski season- HEAVEN! 

Hoping to see everyone in 2018!!!!!!

June Peyer ( née Sommers)

09/09/14 10:09 AM #33    

Judy (Muffoletto) (Vanneste)

Wow, That is fantastic, June.  Wish you the best.  Hope to see you at the next reunion, but if not enjoy that skiing, I know you love it!  If I ever make it to Europe I will make it a point to come see you.  Take care!

09/09/14 07:44 PM #34    

Krista Spangler (Markline)


We will just have to have a big going away blow out!

12/12/14 08:40 PM #35    


June Sommers (Peyer)

Judy and Krista- thank you!!! My husband has lived there before, but this is my first residence outside of the U.S. We knew it was just a matter of time before we would go, you know how government is-hurry up and wait, then hurry up- you are on orders!!!!!

We are planning to take our M3 (BMW) on the fast portions of the Autobahn and stretch it's legs....! Poor little M3 came  off the boat to America in 2012 and barely gets over 100mph....:( ...!!!!  

I can't wait to ski there-- our skis will be packed soon and on the boat, so ski season in Colorado is out.... :( 

It would be great to see you there, Judy and you too, Krista!!! We are not going to live on base and will have a home with extra space for any guests we receive. 

Will let you know how things are guys are so sweet!!!!




07/09/18 12:38 PM #36    


June Sommers (Peyer)

Hello Everyone!

I hope you have a great time at the 35th Reunion!  We will be traveling with friends during the time of the reunion and therefore we will be unable to attend. Our friends are leaving their former duty station in Korea in August and we are eager to see them again. 

All the best to everyone!

June Sommers -Peyer

Judy Vanneste- we will be here for a few more years.....! smiley

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