50th Reunion Pics

Standing: Larry Arnold,Paul Vederese,Peggy Kukla Proctor,Bob Devery and Bob Askin. Seated: Kathy Reyer, Ginny McKay Askin and Rob Reyer
Pete Malet ,Steve McClain and Ray Kreiger
Walter Vail and Ed PergiovanniPatti and Paul VederesePaul Vederese, Jon Platt,and Ross MilliganPeter Malet and Linda PlattCathy Siebold, Vic Finalborgo and Bill Brauman (Cathy's spouse)Roxanne Watson, Dennis Haeg and Kathy Raynor WikScott and  Peggy Kukla Proctor , Patty and Bill BarneiaSteve McClain, Linda Platt, Ronnie McClain and Pete MaletGinny and Bob AskinTerri Mickaliger and Roe DiBiasitTerri

Steve and Ronnie McClain