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Greetings MHS '68 AND friends …  While I'm grateful that I have been in touch with the number of you, it would be nice to see more of you. I agree with Steve that there have been too many messages among classmates regarding those who have passed away. All of us are now about to turn 70 in the next few months or have hit that new decade number last year.... One that we definitely can say that we never expected nor wanted to see. While I realize that there are opinions on Covid that range from 1 through 100 on the fear factor, like you, I look forward to being able to return to normal as soon as possible.  Fortunately, normal for the last 10 years has been to see many of you on our trips together as well as the individual get together.  We've done numerous Caribbean cruises ; Europe cruise and land travel. Unfortunately, an incredible Bermuda cruise plan as well as a Viking River cruise in Switzerland and France and Germany got wiped off the 2020 schedule So, while I realize it may not be in line with everyone's thinking, I do believe in focusing on the positive and the opportunities for 2021. I've had numerous briefings by industry suppliers as to what they are doing for safe and healthy sailing and land tours and 2021 and beyond. Billions of dollars have been spent to make everyone able to focus on the fun instead of all the protocols. With that fact and hope in mind plus the realization that most of us will have the vaccine completed by March, just a reminder for you that many of us are going to stay upbeat and plan to see each other sooner rather than later for whoever wants to do it. While a couple of other ideas are being completed, an Alaska cruise is set for September 10 for one week out of Seattle. The date gives us an opportunity for the peak tourist season to get out of the way and Alaska including having the kids back in school by Labor Day weekend. Also, it's no longer black fly and mosquito season! Overall, prices drop for the cruises while temperatures remain moderate in Alaska and still warm in Seattle for our pre-cruise activities.  


On ALASKA ... our ship is a relatively new big one ...OVATION OF THE SEAS   


Ovation of the Seas | Cruise Ships | Royal Caribbean Cruises


I've got a block of balcony cabins at $3672 including all taxes/port fees along with an onboard credit of $50 per cabin. The current RCCL price for this type cabin is $4033 so we've got $350+ saved to use for drinks or specialty dining. There are also interior and oceanview cabins available at lower prices. Deposit is only $500.  An extremely important item is that the cruise can be cancelled by you anytime prior to 48 hours before sailing. Seven classmates are already on board.  For ALASKA, we have very good prices. 


We will fly into SEA 1-3 days ahead of time ... some suggestions for San Juan Islands etc already being discussed.  It'll be a great cruise . The prices for cabin are based on availability.  If a category gets sold out, I have to look at new allocations which could be higher price.  I know that I have a few of the ones mentioned before I have to "give it back".  More details if you want. Itinerary below ... Love to have you with us.  We been stuck involuntarily with doing nothing. It's time for us to enjoy life again. What I love about our cruises and other time together is that we really do stop the world and turn back the clock for that brief period of time. Question is: what do you gain by not going ?  Send your questions and all I promise is complete and accurate answers…     I'll have the information on the Caribbean run (early November?) as well as the idea for "grandparent cruise"!  A few pictures from previous trips ( yes ... a few people in pictures are other friends outside of MHS ) along with one of Carol and I with our grandkids that the August beach house. More of the past travel pictures are coming and I can assure you do ones will be taken and 2021. You have the opportunity to be in them if you want! Take care, Bob



Day 1

Seattle, Washington, United States

Day 2

Cruising, At Sea

Day 3

Alaska Inside Passage, United States

Day 3 part 2

Juneau, Alaska, United States

Day 4

Skagway, Alaska, United States

Day 5

Endicott Arm, Alaska, United States

Day 6

Cruising, At Sea

Day 7

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Day 8

Seattle, Washington, United States


It is with great sadness in letting everyone know that Walter Bonczyk passed away peacefully last night. As many of you know Walt suffered a massive stroke over three years ago and has been in poor health ever since. He will be cremated with no immediate service planned.

8/26/19 - Hello everyone,
We decided to start a Facebook page for our class to be called “Mercy High School Class of 1968". It is a closed page. Only members of the group will be allowed to access it. The Class web site was fine for the reunion but it has been a bit dormant as of late. Probably because it has added security features and also lacks the interactive qualities of a FB page. We will still keep the reunion web page up for the time being. 
Tomorrow I will send out invites to the group page to  all our classmates. Feel free to post what is on your mind.

Steve & Jon


2/14/19 - Ray Kreiger us sent an update today on the sale of Mercy High School.