Who Attended our 50th

                                        Reunion Poll Results as of 9/19/18

                             This list will be continuously  updated

        REMEMBER:  If attending the reunion would be a financial hardship for you (and your guest), let us know and we will try to arrange for complimentary tickets.  All requests will be kept confidential.To take the  poll please go to the "Who Is Or Might Be Coming" link of the website.



Alana Arnold Kenealy (MHS '70) -1 - Payment for 1 received (9/28)

Bill Barneia-2      Payment Rec'd for 2 attendees

John Blodorn-2   Payment Rec'd for 2 (9/13)

Colleen Kelly Gallo - 1  Payment Rec'd for 1 (9/21)

Lou DeAngelo - 1 (9/9/18) Payment Rec'd for 1 (9/14)

Bob Devery-2 Payment Rec'd for 2  (10/1)

Vic Finalborgo-1  Payment Rec'd for 1 (9/15)

James Geiger-2

Dennis Haeg-2    Payment rec'd for 2

Bob Kogler-2     Payment rec'd for 2

Ray Kreiger-2   Payment rec'd for 2

Peggy Kukla Proctor-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Pete Malet-1  -  Payment rec'd for 1

Steve McClain-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Mary McClain Pergiovanni-2 (Class of '70)  Payment rec'd for 2

Libby McGarvey McArthur-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Ginny McKay Askin-2   Payment rec'd for 2

Ross Milligan-1 Payment rec'd for 1

Terri Mickaliger -3  Payment rec'd for 3 (2/15)

Jon Platt-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Kathie Raynor Wik-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Bob Reyer - 2  Payment rec'd for 2

Cathy Siebold - 2  Payment rec'd for 2 (9/19)

Marie Sweeney Bunch-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Walter Vail (MHS '69)-1  Payment rec'd for 1 (9/27)

Paul Verderese-2  Payment rec'd for 2

Roxanne Watson-1  Payment rec'd for 1 (9/15)

Karen Wulffraat - 1 (Class of '70) Payment rec'd for 1

Total attending - 48   Payments rec'd to date - 44



Walter Bonczyk (depends on health)

Total Undecided - 1



Cathy Denning

Jean Friedman King

Kathy Hanken Lake

Angela Hill Jones

John Kalourmakis 

Eileen Kobus

Frank Luisi

Karen Mangel Mincey

Tony Moreno

Tom Stuart

Dan Tuttle

Jacquie Zaborowski Cronin

Sue Zakas Fennimore 

Total no response to date - 13


NOT COMING:  Date notice rec'd is in parenthesis after name, starting 8/26)

George Alberti (9/30)

Tony Armocida

Charlie Bender

Sharon Bennett Catena

John Bragoli

Carol Brunone Martucci (9/14)

Ed Cartoski

Margaret Clausing Kosmos

Cathy Coffee

Mary Ann Condzella-Stajk (9/5)

Deborah Danowski

Kevin Delay

Terri DiDominick

Gary Dinizio

Steve Doris

Eileen English Quimby

Elaine Hansen Martin (8/26)

Barbara Lynch Tanoff

Nancy Mackno

Kathy McGee Lawrence

Mike Mensch

Richard Meyer (9/9/18)

Kathy Mullane Smith (8/28)

Dan Nelan

John Patrick

Bill Pirillo

Warren Ritzer

Regina Romanoski

Heather Russell Blauweiss

Don Scheu

Diane Simons Terkelson

Kathy Warner Kampf 

Mark Zeltman

Total not coming - 34