Mercy '68 Alumni Cruises

The Mercy Cruise's organizer Bob Devery2018 Cruise

Kathy and Bob LawernceMarie Sweney Bunch, Bob Devery, Kathy McGee Lawernce and Kathy Rayor WikMercy 2012 Cruise

The cruise departed on March 17th, St. Patrick's Day.

You've heard of little green men coming off space ships?  We saw a big green man getting on our cruise ship!

That's Bob O'Koegler who obviously goes ga-ga over St Pat's Day!



Soooo, on the 2012 cruise, most of us were sitting at a large dining table for Dinner. 


The ship photographer comes over to take a picture of Marie and Bob, and there's a pause while all alcohol which might be in the picture is cleared away.  The photographer takes the pic and departs.  Mischevious Mercy alums then pass all drinks and bottles of wine down to Marie and take OUR picture!

And then, a step further, with the cooperation of the server, the prank goes to a new level ... "Madam, these are for you!"

And when Old Monarchs let loose, no matter where they are, there's a CONGA LINE!  This was on a snorkelling excursion.


MERCY ALUMNI GROUP ON THE 2017 CRUISE (contributed by Kathie Raynor Wik)