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3.Married? Partnered? to whom? When? How long? Kids? Married 42 yrs since 1975. 2 children living in same town in Fl wwith 3 grandchildren
What's your favorite memory of MHS? View Website
Who were your secret crushes? Bill Pirillo
Did you ever skip sclasses or school days? If so, to do what? Maybe once to hang at that soda shop in Riverhead
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Looking back it seems like a long four years. So much happened and such a shame it's undocumented. Steve, I think, mentioned Hootenanies. Wasn't that way back in freshman year? I remember football games, basketball games, beach parties, Senior trip. The way we made fun of all the nuns. Sounds like a pretty good time to grow up in.

High School Story

Had fun with WILMA, Regina, Kathy Mullane, Vic, Kevin, Ross, Steve. Small group but we kept busy.

Do you still see/hang out with/talk to any classmates? Who?

Regina Romanowski, Kathy Mullane, Donny Scheu

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Some of these people r so interesting! Who knew?

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Kevin. u guys and those football games. I was such a supporter. Don't know if you remember I walked by the locker room after one of those games and saw you guys crying. I wanted to hug all of you.

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I'll never forget the summer I spent with u

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