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John Palmieri

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08/14/08 07:59 PM #1    

Jim Morgan

John was a special guy who I remember as always having a great outlook no matter what the situation was. John and I spent a couple of years washing dishes together at Hollins College... we had fun and he always kept us laughing.

I know John will be with us in spirit, he would never miss a chance to see everybody.

Jim Morgan

08/15/08 09:30 PM #2    

Karen Keith (Hensley)

John was one of the most genuine & open souls I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. We were fortunate to have shared our high school experience with him. He was the best spirit king Northside ever had!

08/23/08 03:23 PM #3    

Douglas Hales

I'll never forget the summer I took Driver's Ed. Remember the parking lot at the school had the driving lanes painted on it. We were teamed-up four to a car...David Givens, John Palmieri, Amy Hales, (my cousin who went to RVCS) and me. We laughed the entire time. It was a lot of fun and John made it fun to be there. Coach English would go with us when we drove around town and it was more like going for a drive with friends instead of a class. It was definately the best summer school class I ever took. John's brother married one of my cousins, so I still see his family some.

Doug Hales

09/09/08 05:19 PM #4    

Teresa Wright

I remember John, such a nice and funny guy to hang around with. He always made me laugh and smile. I miss John. He lived just right up the street from me. Of course I missed and think of my friends in the neighborhood after my parents moved away to Floyd County. I think about Stacy Whittaker, Julie Morgan, Susie Holmes, Mark Spangler, Sherry Runyon and of course John Palmieri and the neighborhood I grew up in. I saw John later about 8 years after graduation, he was working in Fink's Jewelery at Valley View Mall. I gave him a great big hug. Even though he had just another brain surgery, he did not seem unhappy. He just kept his spirits up and did not let anything get him down. Eventhough John is not here now, he will remain in our hearts forever.

09/15/08 08:19 PM #5    

Scott Dreyer

The more I think back on John and his life, the more impressed I am. He was a class act in every way. I cannot ever remember seeing him angry. He always seemed happy and had a smile on his face. He was kind to everyone and spoke to everybody. Even when he was battling the tumor, he did it with such grace and poise.

One of the most poignant stories from John's life, to me, came from his final hours. John knew sign language, and in those last days as the tumor did its awful work, John lost his ability to speak. However, he still had control over his hands. Until the end, he kept using his hands to sign, over and over: "God is good."

Many times in the past years, when I have been speaking to groups on the topics of endurance or handling trials with grace, I have told them John's story.

His life and testimony truly live on.

10/24/08 02:51 PM #6    

Tondra Wohlford

I have to share this story about John, this goes way back. We were at a hockey game at the Lancerlot and he was sitting with us. He asked me if I had a napkin or tissue with me, because he wanted to clean his glasses. He would clean them and put them on, and then take them off and start all over again. This went on for what seemed like forever. Finally he said, "Tootie, I can't get these things clean!" and then it hit me that I had given him a Puff's Plus with Lotion tissue! We laughed until we cried. I know everyone misses him very much.

11/01/08 11:25 PM #7    

Mark Spangler

John was one of the kindest souls you could ever meet. He was one of those rare individuals that simply did not have a bad day. After all he went through during his too short life, he still had that same optimism and outlook the last time I saw him (c. 1994).

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