Craig Covert

Profile Updated: August 13, 2013
Residing In: USA
Spouse/Partner: Andrea
Occupation: Federal Investigator
Military Service: USMC  
Yes! Attending Reunion

After graduation, I attended VMI with fellow classmates Todd Sloan (roommate during "rat year" in 1983), Dave Cochran and Greg Otey (we were roommates from 1984-1987). We all went on our separate ways after graduation. Todd finished college in KY; Greg went into the Air Force and is a Brigadier General today (go Greg!). Dave was commissioned as an Army Officer, and I went into the Marine Corps.

I left active duty after Op. Desert Storm (1992) and became a federal agent, serving 5 yrs with INS, then 10 years with NCIS (yes, like the TV show!). In 2007, I transferred to the Postal Service Office of Inspector General working internal investigations. I still play "part time" Marine as a reservist, with my last overseas deployment to Afghanistan in 2011/2012.

School Story:

10 great memories from High School:

1. Showing up for the 1st day of advanced PE with Roger Manuel, and finding out both of us had accidentally been enrolled in Gymnastics!! Ms. Peters goaded us into staying by promising us at least a B if we gave it a shot, reminding us that we were in class with virtually all of the cheerleaders and gymnasts in school. Vicky Hicks was gracious enough to be my partner on the floor routine, but could have picked something better than Christopher Cross' "Sailing" as music! Roger and I were the luckiest guys in the school!
2. Traveling to Europe with Mr Brill and the AP English class and drinking my first Tequila worm in the London pubs.
3. Watching Paul Garst nearly electrocute himself in Physics class after sticking his car key into the electrical socket, then watching Coach Stewart have a meltdown!
4. Watermelon Runs at Coach Stewart's house at the start of Cross Country season. Pre-season workouts and after-school runs!
5. Heading to Ben Hansel's cabin for a weekend trip with Glenn Craig, Paul Garst, Kyle Richardson and others. The back of Ben's truck would have made a great setting for a Budweiser commercial at the end of that weekend.
6. Senior bus trip to Hungry Mother State Park and dinner theater and hanging out with Toni Herron, Kyna Lawson, and Bob Broyden;
7. "Escorting" a Pulaski runner into a crash landing between the corn stalks
on the Pulaski High School Cross Country Course - never a dull moment in Pulaski
8. Cruising Williamson Road in the orange '68 Camaro I shared with my sister kathy '83 and brother Mike '82.
9. Fishing on Carvins Cove with Billy Bohannon and renting a crappy rowboat; Bill finally ponied up and bought a motor. Only one of us was cheap, and it wasn't Bill.
10. Working at Burger King with '83 classmates Bill Bohannon, Steve Hall amd Kevin Collins on Williamson Road and handing out free milkshakes and fries through the drive through. I'll never forget when Karen Keith ran her Camaro into the drive-through drawer!