Early Class Photos

Anyone having class photos (group shots) of future members of East High Class of 1971 they are willing to scan and share (high resolution), please email them to: airesq_53@yahoo.com for possible inclusion on this page.  Can you also please send the names of those in the photos? (Indian Hills Elementary, Douglas School, junior highs, kindergarten groups, etc.)  Thanks so much!

   Top Row from left:
  Mrs Jonas, ? , ? , ? , Robert Walker, David Harrington, Mark Thompson,
  Wayne Wimmer, ? , ? , Kevin Allred, Uwe Michael, ? , ? , David Terry.

   Middle Row:

   Janet Spencer, Nancy Wilde, Lisa Havnes, Lisa Cardall, Crista Battel, Kathleen Madrid,

   Bridgette ?, Shannon Flandro, Maryjane Bradley, Holly Tsuyuki.

   Bottom Row:
   ? , ? , Lynn Brown, Dennis Alger, Jerry Cloward, Christine Perry, Della Harris, ? .
   Richard Jonas, band director after Dow Young, was Mrs Jonas' son

   (photo of him on p. 175 & 181 in our '71 yearbooks).

   Many thanks to Lynn Brown for this photo, name listing, and comment.


             Front Row starting from left:             Back Row start from left:

             Leeta Lagerstrom                             Mrs. Holmes
             Shelly Clark                                    Susan Metz
             Christine Black                                Marcia Downing
             Mary Jane Dunn                             Jamie Watson
             Patrice Ellison                                 Gloria Dunford
             Debbie Rubin                                   Betty Sharp
             Robin Haynie                                  Claudia Ward
             David Hyde                                     David Derrick
             Howard Lundgren                            Michael Brough
             Johnny Fitzpatrick                            Cory Maxwell
             Doug Campbell                                 Lane Barrett
             Jeff Spence                                      Gilman Bird
             Dale Richards                                  Galen Birdsley
             E.Tab George                                   Bart Warner
                                    Many thanks to Susan Metz for this photo & name listing.

       Front Row starting from left:             Back Row start from left:

      Randy Russell                                  Leo Kanell
             ?                                            Rick Thornton
             ?                                                   ?
      Chris Atack                                     Chris Bohle           
      Matt Spencer                                  Kevin Wells              
      Steve Hatch                                           ?
             ?                                            Carolyn Goates
      Ann Welling                                   Mrs. LaRee L. Cummings
      Mary Harris                                   Kathy Hooper         
      Ann Garrett                                    Libby Lund         
             ?                                            Anne Raines
      Colleen Byrd                                   Leslie Scheller             
      Ann McConkie                                       ?            
      Caren Cannon                                 Debbie Sorensen               
      Frances Rich                                   Brenda Hales              
                                                           Karen Russon

                                    Many thanks to Susan Metz for this photo & name listing.

Leo Kanell explains Mrs. Nelson did not finish the year; she was replaced by Mrs. Cummings.


                                                         Many thanks to Leo Kanell for this photo & name listing.