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09/18/16 02:31 PM #216    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

I liked the school stomps. It was fun to see everyone again.  And, a new excuse to have some of Pete's Fries again!

11/21/16 10:44 AM #217    


Brent Hall

Gordon Jones, a video producer for public media stations KUED and KUEN in Salt Lake City, died Oct. 30 at 63. He had been diagnosed with lung cancer in May.

“Gordon was a great producer,” said Paula Millington, his former supervisor. “He kept moving forward with all of the changes in the industry and honed his skills in the digital world.”

Jones was also “a great human being and seemed to know something about everything without being overbearing,” she said. “His curiosity and approach to learning helped him connect with anyone he met. His clients loved him as he made their good ideas better and brought them to life on the screen — any size screen.”

Jones garnered several awards for outstanding television production. He won a Telly for He Said He Loved Me, a film for the Domestic Peace Task Force. He took pride in numerous productions for the Utah Education Network, the Moran Eye Center and other nonprofits.

“His video work touched so many University of Utah faculty, students and staff over the years, from the profoundly academic to professional development training and certifications,” said Paul Burrows, a colleague since the 1980s. “His uniquely insightful producer skills encouraged his clients to better define and refine the messages and content they wanted to convey.”

Former colleague Kirk Strickland said Jones began his professional career as a crew member while still in high school. “Besides creativity,” he said, “Gordon’s leadership style consistently emphasized the practical and efficient.”

“Of everyone I have worked for over the years, Gordon had the most influence on my video career and my professional growth,” said former colleague Kristy Muday. “He allowed me to develop my skills and confidence while guiding my decisions with subtle suggestions and humor.”

Jones was born and grew up in Salt Lake City and graduated from East High School. He was an avid scuba diver, photographer and world traveler.

He is survived by his wife Patty McCracken and her daughters Jackie and Miranda.

At his request, there will be no memorial service.


From EHS71 Web Page Staff:  Please consider writing down your delightful memories and kind thoughts about Gordon or any other dear departed classmate on their appropriate "In Memory" Page entry to be shared indefinitely.  Thanks ever so much.  (And thanks for letting us know about Gordon, Brent.)

06/14/17 10:10 AM #218    


Brent Hall

Business teacher Anne Stewart and husband Steve celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary June 2017.

06/16/17 04:39 PM #219    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Congratulations to them.  What a milestone!  And, they both look great.  It won't be long, and there will be classmates entering that same milestone.  Hopefully, Andy and I will celebrate ours along with our 50th East High School Reunion in 2021


11/08/17 05:20 PM #220    

Ted (Detlev) Schneider

Changing the subject,  great new home page, love the advice!

11/09/17 02:46 AM #221    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

I want to congratulate Martha Raddatz on her achievements.  She is not only talented, but was able and willing to tackle the most difficult areas that we face as American Soldiers and Citizens...War.  It is easy to live in that "bubble", and pretend that  parts of the world and life  do not exist, because we are lucky enough to not have been a part of it.  ( I am speaking of myself, of course, and shamefully so).   She is Tough,  Empathetic, and Persistent, and found a way to share her Story and Knowledge with the world.  For that, she deserves Credit and Praise.  I watched parts of the first episode of the "Long Way Home" on National Geographic Channel.  It was so intense and sad, it made me want to hide back in the comfortable "bubble" again.  The disappointing thing for me was that Martha was only listed at the end as a "Consultant", when it was her book in which the series was based.  I thought she deserved a higher level of credit.  I realized how much this subject meant to her when she gave the outstanding presentation at our 40th Class Reunion.   I look forward to seeing her again at our 50th Class Reunion.

11/15/17 04:43 PM #222    


Brent Hall

I am hooked on the hit NBC show "This is Us". It has the most brillant television writing I've seen in some time. Last night's episode centered on one of the characters returning to his high school after 20 years. It talked about the excitement of the football games, teenage crushes, and most important of all getting support from your parents. We all had our favorite teachers, teachers we disliked, and administrators who truly cared about us. I remember how Principal Joseph Richards took a personal interest in me while I was on the stage crew. I know the AV guys were considered nerds, but we sure had fun. The school district had weird rules and had us put up visqueen(sp?) around all the fences of the football field so students couldn't watch the games without paying! Connie Jo Hepworth was there on the stage supervising the set construction of the dance concerts. I can't forget driving Coach Martin on all his errands when I took drivers training. My youngest daughter who now lives in Texas was in Hunter High's drill team and my wife and I manned the concessions as a fundraiser. My granddaughter is now in dance, and yes we just bought a bunch of gift wrap as a fundraiser. All of these memories are priceless. -Brent

11/16/17 12:31 PM #223    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Brent, Your granddaughter is absolutely darling!  I can tell that she loves her dance, and is a happy child.  Those kind of fundraisers are so important.  She is lucky to have support from family.  

I have not seen the TV show you refer to, or even heard of it, but I may just try it.  Reminiscing about school is so much fun.  It brings good memories of times when the world was care free and simple.  I really appreciate those instructors who provided help and support, and paved the way for us in life.  Especially Mr. Olsen, who gave up some of his free time each week the last few months of our senior year, to tutor Andy and me after we got married, so we could work full time and still complete graduation requirements.  One of the best part of reminiscing about school, is that tests and homework are all just a memory!

11/16/17 12:45 PM #224    

Martha Raddatz

Thank you to Doris Winkler (Scholte) for her kind words. And thanks for posting the article about "The Long Road Home."  It has been a profound experience helping to put this together. And Doris, they DID give me credit at the top of each episode saying "based on the book by......"  But those things are always easy to miss.  NatGeo and the producers have been so respectful and caring of all those involved.

thanks again---


See you all at the 50th :)!

11/17/17 01:41 PM #225    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Martha, you are right about the credit.  Just last night, I saw a preview for your show, and it did indicate "Based on the Best Seller by Martha Raddatz".  I am sorry I missed it earlier, but so glad that it was there, and that you did get the credit.  It gave me "tingles" all over.  I am so proud of you!  See you in 2021!  

11/18/17 03:49 PM #226    

Mary Ann Jensen (Aiken)

Martha, I saw the first episode last night. Amazing and Scary for all of the young men and women involved.. Well done and I did see your credit. Very well deserved. I also really like your interviews on “this week”. 

09/03/18 11:15 PM #227    

Jean Kimball (Scothorne)

Went to the Murray Acoustic Music Festival tonight. Got to hear two East High Alums perform. Guy Benson, an award winning acoustic guitarist that "blends heartwarming Americana, Folk songs and ballads with fast and fluid, fingerpicking guitar instrumentals and traditional tunes." I was very impressed and look forward to hearing more of his work. It was fun to talk for a bit after the show.

Next up were The Red Desert Ramblers that play Bluegrass, Classic Country and Swing Music. I loved the combination of upright bass, mandolin, hammered dulcimer, and guitar, but was wowed as the second Alum Rick Martinez played the 5-string banjo. The program said his "style is 30 years steeped in traditional and progressive bluegrass music." 

The night was perfect, the music up-beat and fun. I can't stop smiling. 

01/29/19 11:00 PM #228    


Julie Tornquist (Jacobsen)

Hi you guys!  Well, I tried to resize this picture but I couldn't do it.  So, I want you to meet Biff Butler's and my daughter, Beth!  Although we are married to other people now it doesn't change the fact that we are very proud of our daughter that I had in our junior year of high school.  Very few people knew that I was sent away to a home for unwed mothers in Denver.  I think some people thought something was up. Becky Hardy even wrote me a letter asking me how I was!  I was so scared and wondered:  if she knows, who else does!?! Anyway, who cares now?   48 years ago I gave this little baby girl away.  I was only allowed to hold her for 1 hour!  That was it.  I saw her every day in the nursery for 10 days.  Then that was it.  I want you all to know that while you were all wondering what you were going to wear to the Prom, Biff was working as a busboy to pay for everything.  His mother insisted!  He saw her too when he and my mother came to take me home.  Fast daughter, Grace, knew how much I wanted to find her.  So she did 23 and Me.  She found Beth!  Beth had done 23 and Me in December of 2017.  No response.  She was getting very discouraged.  Then Grace did it last summer. The result came back,  there was a 20% chance that this person that lives in Denver and was born in 1970 could be Grace's aunt.  Well, through email Grace and Beth communicated.  They're half sisters!  Beth had wondered her whole life who her natural parents were.  She had no idea that not only were they alive but that now she's the oldest of 7 siblings!   It's very unusual that I married the father and we went on to have 2 more children.  She has 2 full brothers and 1 half brother and sister from my 2nd marriage and 2 half brothers from Biff's second marriage.  Let me tell you!  We are all thrilled!  Beth has had a wonderful life.  She became a Denver Broncos cheerleader.  Her adoptive parents gave her everything she needed to grow up to be the lovely person that she is today.  Something that we never could have done in 1970.  We all laugh now because Biff and I had saved $45.  We couldn't understand why our mothers were mad and wouldn't let us get married.  Beth married a wonderful guy and we have 3 new grandchildren.  They have been here to visit.  The first time I saw Beth it was a complete surprise.  Everyone knew but me that she was coming.  You better believe that there were a lot of tears, So at long last the mystery of 48 years has been solved!  Hurray!


01/29/19 11:46 PM #229    

Biff Butler

To all my friends on this forum, Julie and I have remained very good friends after divorcing. We were married almost 10 years. We have both been married for 35 years to our current spouses. 2018 was such a wonderful reunion with our daughter Beth. All of our families have been drawn even closer by the love we all feel collectively
Biff Butler

01/31/19 11:48 AM #230    


Brent Hall


I was very touched after reading your story. Family is what it's all about. Jan and I just returned from visiting my daughter and her family in Houston. It's hard only seeing them a couple of times a year. I can't imagine your joy after wondering all those years. Very cool that you and Biff have continued your friendship. Here's a pic of our family vacation to Hawaii taken 2 years ago with our 4 kids and 6 grandkids.

01/31/19 07:01 PM #231    

Andrew Scholte

Julie,  First of all, I am so happy for you to finally find and meet your daughter.  What a special moment that must have been.  It is great that we live in a time when there are tools to make that possible.  I applaud you and Biff for making what was the best decision at that time.  Your daughter was happy and well cared for her as she grew up.  Thanks to a Mother's and Daughter's love, you were driven to find each other. And, your children were able to experience their newly found sibling. Thank you for sharing your heart warming story with us.  I am also glad that you and Biff remained friends after you split up.  That is so important to all of your children. yes

01/31/19 07:23 PM #232    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Oops!  Julie, I was logged in as my husband Andy.  The message was really from me!

Doris Scholte

02/01/19 12:25 AM #233    


Julie Tornquist (Jacobsen)

Thanks Doris and Brent!  Family is the most important thing of all!  Even though we found Beth fairly late in our lives you better believe that we are all catching up! 

02/03/19 02:21 PM #234    


Susan Metz (Metz)

Julie, what a wonderful story.  Two years ago, a few of my friends here in Seattle did their DNA.  One found her birth mother three months after she had passed so she was never able to meet her.  Jean was fine with that because she loved her adoptive parents so very much.  However, she did go from being an only child to having a huge family which she has been able to meet back east.

My other friend, found out she had another sister in Chicago where she grew up.  Nancy says jokingly, "My mother was a "ho".  The other sister was not so thrilled to find out so I guess it can turn out either good or not so good.  

I am thrilled for you.  I enjoyed visiting with you at the reunion.  I hope we will get to be able to see each other in 2021.  Who's planning that one?

My best to you and for what it is worth, I didn't even know you and Bif were dating.


Susan Metz


08/19/19 11:36 PM #235    


Tom Smokoff

Hi Julie, saw your post... You already know how I feel in regard to your reunion... I'm happy we've stayed in touch with one another since my last attendance at a reunion. I'm not sure if there's been one since... talk to you soon !

08/20/19 11:34 AM #236    


Julie Tornquist (Jacobsen)


Hi Susan!  Would you believe that I just saw your message!  I didn’t get a notice through my email about it   That’s really too bad about your friends but this the norm I think.  We were just really fortunate.  Since your last message my daughter, Grace, and I have been to Denver to visit Beth and her family.  Biff and his wife, Kari went there to babysit so Beth and her husband could go on a trip.  Beth was here again  Then her husband brought two of their kids here to meet 2 of their first cousins for the first time.  It’s unbelievable!         I’m just going to make a big space here because I can’t get a new paragraph in.  Anyway, the reunion will be here before we know it and it will be fun to see you.   Julie









08/20/19 11:42 AM #237    


Julie Tornquist (Jacobsen)

Hi Tom!  Yes it’s great to stay in touch!  It’s so exciting to watch your step by step progress with developing a great water purification system. It will help so many people!  Now you’re connected to NASA with that very system. That’s a huge achievement. I know I’m excited about getting my filtered water bottle that’s made up partially from plant products. I’m sure by the reunion you’ll have a lot more to tell us about it.  2021 will be here before we know it!     Julie


02/09/20 07:35 PM #238    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Yes !!!!!!!  I would look forward to a 50 Year Class Reunion in 2021!  I hope that is the consensus.  i would be willing to help in any way I can


Doris Scholte

02/11/20 06:53 PM #239    


Terri Jacob (Trick)

I would love a 50th reunion! Let's do it!


04/24/20 04:54 PM #240    


Doris Winkler (Scholte)

Carolyn,  I would be happy to assist with a Reunion.   I think it would be nice to  have something on the less formal side.  I really liked the location and atmosphere of the last Reunion at the University.  I also liked the option of staying in a room on site, which we did.  A movie presentation of some sort would be nice.  

I will be in touch.  I hope that we can work it out.

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