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•   Steve Rider  5/23
•   Mark Quilter  5/22
•   Kris Hill  5/21
•   Robert Davie  5/20
•   Annette Carroll (McPhie)  5/18
•   Greg Hanson  5/17
•   Gene Dall  5/15
•   David Alexander  5/15
•   Wm. Shane Topham  5/15
•   Brent Petersen  5/13
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•   Tim Vrontikis (Eisenhart)  5/28
•   Marcel Ramjoue  5/29
•   Shelley Swenson (Robinson)  5/29
•   John Morgan  5/31
•   Todd Rytting  5/31
•   Geoffrey White  5/31
•   Steven Colman  6/2
•   Michael Thompson  6/3
•   Joan Clark (Tomich)  6/4
•   Steve Poulos (Poulos)  6/4
•   Morgan Andersen  6/5
•   Pam Hatch  6/7
•   Kerry Posey  6/7
•   Harold Peterson  6/10
•   Craig Rodgers  6/10
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Percentage of Joined Classmates: 43.2%

A:   356   Joined
B:   468   Not Joined
(totals do not include deceased)


•   Todd Morris


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Welcome to the Skyline High Class of 1972 web site. Our goal is to provide an easy way to keep in touch with high school friends and to facilitate future reunions. Please make sure to update your profile and let each of us know about what you have been up to.


 You Can Register and Pay Now

If you know that you will be attending the 50 Year Reunion and want to pay now, please click HERE. Getting committed early will help in paying for preliminary costs and planning issues associated with this monumental event.

50 Year Reunion E-Book

How can 50 years go by SO FAST? Hard to believe, but here we are. 

On August 13th, we'll have the opportunity to come together and "compare notes" with beloved classmates who shared those seminal years at Skyline.    

For many of us, this will be the last chance we'll have to get together, and in preparation, we wanted to offer a simple way to share personal reflections and "attained wisdom" from the past half century.     

These questions might spark old memories or help you contemplate what is to come in the future. Please provide your names if you wish; responses will mean more if we know who offered them.  An E-book will be compiled with all responses and it will be added to the class website. For those who won't be attending the reunion, please add your thoughts as well. We hope that this book of memories will be something to look back on in our Golden Years.  Heaven knows we've all earned a good long rest! 

Here are some ideas for personal reflections and "attained wisdom":

What would classmates be most surprised to learn about you since we graduated?

What achievement(s) over the past 50 years are you especially proud of?

How is your life now compared to what you expected when you graduated? Any big surprises?

Over the past 50 years, what have been your most memorable adventures?

What excites and/or concerns you about the future?

Who was the most memorable teacher you had at Skyline?  Why?

If you could talk to the 1972 you, what would you say?  

From your accumulated life experiences, do you have any words of wisdom you'd like to offer?



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You can also send your file to Todd Morris at

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