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Camp Corral Brat Cause



Camp Corral supports children (military brats) of wounded and fallen heroes with a week-long summer camp experience.

Founded with the understanding that it is not just the service member who serves, it is the whole family that serves, the mission of Camp Corral is to transform the lives of children of wounded, ill, and fallen military heroes by providing summer camp, advocacy, and enrichment programs.

  • One hundred percent of children that Camp Corral serves have a parent who is wounded, ill, or fallen as a result of their military service to our nation.

  • Camp Corral annually serves approximately 3,000 children from all 50 states at 22 locations for the week-long camp experience.

  • Camp Corral also provides a weekend camping experience for families with wounded and ill military parents and their children.

  • Camp Corral, in coordination with the support of other organizations, has plans to expand its current programs from 15 states to 35 states soon.

OSB Goal

Our hope and objective are to be able to contribute at least $3,600 annually, which would send three military brats to a week at summer camp.


If you would like to create a recurring payment, please contact Director of Membership and Registration Director Jan Sims, jansosb2@gmail.com.