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Our Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

 To support the reuniting of all Military Brats, Overseas Brats, former students and faculty of overseas schools with their respective school "alumni" (all attendees) groups.  To sustain our Military Brats & Overseas Brats heritage and its future and create a dynamic communication and educational vehicle to support those who have participated in this unique situation.  Furthermore, to play a dynamic role in the development and education of Military Brats & Overseas Brats alumni/faculty groups; to educate overseas alumni and former students and motivate them to get involved with their respective organizations and with OVERSEAS BRATS; and to provide opportunities for Military Brats and Overseas Brats to unite through regional seminars, gatherings, other events and publications.


 Reunite those who were Military Brats, Overseas Brats, or Educators.

                                            General Goals

 1.  Create a forum that encourages Military Brats, Overseas Brats, our educators and others involved with our situation, to contribute to preserving that part of our history.
2.  Assist alumni associations in locating other students and faculty.
3.  Provide Military Brats, Overseas Brats, our educators, and others involved in our situation with information related to events, participants, and members of various school/alumni organizations.
4.  Help and support the Museum of the American Military Family and the American Overseas Schools Historical Schools Society in their activities.