2023 50yr Reunion Le Meridien

Le Meridien

7-14-2023 Cocktail Party

7-15-2023 pre and post Ladies Lunch, and post main event, wind down

Eric Palfreyman, Mike Boyle


Dana Roche Hertel, Cliff MacGillivray


Cathy Poore Magnuson, Amy Welsh Comport, Charlene Graves Stevens, Lisa Yost Martin, Keiko Maruyama Nakada


Debbie Ard, Cliff MacGillivray, Cindi Porter Ellis


Eric Palfreyman, Diana Ortega DeLeo'n


Mike & Barby Darby Cahill, Debbie Fallon & Wally Hodgson, Cathy Poore & Jerry Magnuson


Joan Perry Prouty, Anna & Kurt Miyatake


John & Lisa Tranquada


Georgia Held Schrager, Katie Sperry McMullen, Georgia Shaver-Boccaccini


Janet Abrams Lengel, Holly Miller Whitworth, Ann McDaniel, Stan Suter


Eric Palfreyman, George Ryder


Janet Abrams Lengel, Jan Lloyd Moore


Jim Griffin, Kurt Miyatake


Holly Miller Whitworth, Ann McDaniel, Joan Perry Prouty, Katie O'Connell Gaebel


Georgia Held Schrager, Georgia Shaver-Boccaccini, Jan Lloyd Moore, Debbie Baldwin Kelly


Lisa Yost Martin, Cliff MacGillivray


Georgia Shaver-Boccaccini, Jan Lloyd Moore, Debbie Baldwin Kelly


Kim Mann Shettler, Scott Trimbath, Marsha Ginsburg


Angelo Boccaccini, Ann McDaniel, Stan Sutter, Cherre Lindley Cecere, George Ryder


Tom Tormey, Eric Palfreyman


Joan Perry Prouty, Marilyn Wass, Katie O'Connell Gaebel


Eric Palfreyman, Cliff MacGillivray, Scott Trimbath



Ann McDaniel, John & Cherre Lindley Cecere, Holly Miller Whitworth, Georgia Shaver-Boccaccini, Candy Suter


Stan Suter, Scott Trimbath, Mark Simmons, Cliff MacGillivray


David & Nancy Gerletti


Georgia Shaver-Boccaccini, Debbie Baldwin Kelly, Stan Suter


Mark & Denise Simmons, Georgia Held Schrager


Tom Tormey & Lisa Gelfand


Stan Suter, Kathleen Ehlig Riedel, Marilyn Wass


Barby Darby Cahill, Cliff MacGillivray


Diana Ortega DeLeo'n, Debbie Ard, Cliff MacGillivray, Cindi Porter Ellis


Dennis Ashworth, Jim Griffin, David Gerletti


Lindy (Widge) Armstrong Batchelor, Janet Abrams Lengel, Katie Sperry McMullen, Denise Simmons


Susie Webb, Mike & Barby Darby Cahill, Debbie Fallon Hodgson, Cathy Poore Magnuson


George Ryder, Lisa Yost Martin, Kathleen Ehlig Riedel, Jim Griffin, Debbie Fallon Hodgson, Karen & Bruce Windoffer


Mike Boyle, Cliff MacGillivray, John Tranquada, Wally Hodgson


Kim Mann Shettler, Katie O'Connell Gaebel, Tom Riedel


Gina Colombatto, Kate Powell Segerstrom, Joan Perry Prouty, Carolyn Creek-McCallister


Kim Mann Shettler, Mark Simmons


Marilyn Wass, Joan Perry Prouty


Cheryl DiGiovanni Kirchner


Ann McDaniel, Stan Suter, Denise Simmons, Georgia Held Shrager


Brett & Lindy Armstrong Batchelor, Georgia Shaver Boccaccini, Marilyn Wass


Katie Sperry McMullen, Janet Abrams Lengel, Mark Simmons


Gina Colombatto


Kate Powell Segerstrom


Bettyanne Johnson Bruin


Jim Griffin, Debbie Davis Koch


Lisa Yost Martin, Marsha Ginsberg


Stan Suter, Bruce Windoffer


Carolyn Creek-McCallister, Lisa Yost Martin, Bruce Windoffer, Marilyn Wass, Cheryl DiGiovanni Kirchner, Janet Abrams Lengel. Holly Miller Whitworth


Lisa Yost Martin, Marilyn Wass, Rosie Pieters, Katie Sperry McMullen