All School Reunions

2012 Grand Reunion @ SPHS


Keith Yuen, Marilyn Wass, Peter McAuley, Debbie Baldwin Kelly, Cindy Harris, Chuck Lange


Keith, Debbie Ard, Cindy, Diana Ortega De Leon

Debbie, Cindy, Diana, Debbie

Cindy, Debbie Fallon Hodgson, Debbie, Marilyn, Ann McDaniel

Marilyn, Keith Whitworth

Stacy's mom, Class of '51, Stacy McLaughlin Belanger

Jim Griffin, Stacy

Cindy, Debbie

Michele Thorpe DeLisio, possibly Rick Hannigan in the background, Rocky Santoro

Marilyn, Debbie, Cindy, Joan Perry Prouty, Rob

Bill S. '68, Molly Burns, Jim Love

Bettyann Johnson Bruin, Linda Atckison Foto, Keith

Steve Rogers, Michele, Fred DeLisio

Derek Brousard '72, Tim Seastrom '74, Dave Thomas '75, Jim

Jim, Colleen Griffin, Nancy Chute Gerletti, Dave Gerletti

Martha Moore, Karen Rookus, Rae Moore Luce, Molly


Diana, Susie

Peter playing guitar

Also representing Class of '73 but no photos- Frank Salas, Rick "Sticky" Stimpson, Nancy Dondro.  Any more that I missed?

I just borrowed this from Allison Stanley's FaceBook post.  Frankie Salas


Dinner at Carmine's after the Reunion

Barbara and Keith Yuen

Jamie and Marilyn Wass

Diana Ortega DeLeon, Debbie Baldwin Kelly and Debbie Ard

Debbie Fallon Hodgson and Wally Hodgson and their daughter

Robert and Cynthia Harris Brunson



2011 All Class Reunion at Garfield Park

Mr. Johnson, Kathleen, Debbie, Terry, David, Nancy, Jim, Cindy, Robert

Diana, David, Kathleen, Debbie, Debbie, Terry, Jim, Debbie, Cindy.  Didn't get a photo of Ed Webb.