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Kim Stockdale (Chandler)

Kim Stockdale (Chandler)

May 15, 2013

SPHS 1973 Homecoming Queen

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05/16/13 03:59 PM #5    

Robin Nord (Tonci Ottieri Della Ciaja)

If we put together the truly important qualities that we look for in another, all that we cherish and admire...added beauty, laughter and the grace that goes into the making of an unforgettable woman, we would come up with Kim. My thoughts and prayers to her family and friends.


05/18/13 02:16 AM #6    

Donna Franklin

Kim always had a kind word for everyone. She was beautiful inside and out. My heart goes out to her family. Rest in peace Kim.

05/18/13 12:42 PM #7    

Mark Fetterhoff

I am angry, and my heart is breaking. I am struggling over the fact that I was deprived of truly knowing this remarkable woman, due to delusions in my adolescent years.

For me, Kim was a queen and walked in the highest level of an hierarchy constructed by adolescent children. In this hierarchy, I was among the lowest; counted amongst those who aspired to no redeeming thing, and excelled in nothing but a false sense of pride in being a rebel. But inside, I secretly admired her for her beauty, status, and achievements. I envied her, and longed to know her as a friend. Looking back on those confusing times of self discovery, I realize now, that I looked up to her from the shadows of underachievement, dwelling with the demons of cowardice, self doubt, and low self esteem. It is written, that there will always be greater and lessor people, and for me, Kim was unapproachable as a goddess and a queen amongst her piers. Now, free from those shadows, and those demons, I realize the great loss in having known her only from a distance. But even in that, she was an inspiration, and lead her 'class' as a shining example, and was an inspiration to us all.

Go now, Kim.. and be free from all the world. We will all be along soon enough, and I have no doubt that you will be easily recognized by your radiance... as you were here.
Thank-you ever so much. Well done, Kim...  Well done, indeed.'


05/18/13 08:27 PM #8    

Debbie Baldwin (Kelly)

Mark, that was so beautiful and I  can relate on a different level.  I have always had low self esteem and was very shy and really didn't feel worthy of associating with the popular kids back in the day..  Just didn't have the courage.  I too feel sad that I didn't get to know such a lovely person as Kim and never will because I was afraid.  I hope this teaches me that life is too short to be afraid to talk to someone...especially someone so loved as Kim.  Rest in Peace Lovely Lady.

05/18/13 10:29 PM #9    

Janet Abrams (Lengel)

Long before her homecoming queen days, Kim was the "it" girl at Oneonta. So many great memories of her in our early years. She had my back on a few occasions for which I'll always be greatful. Via con Dios Amiga, may you rest in peace.

05/19/13 12:19 AM #10    

Alan Hueth

Have thought about Kim many times over the years.  I'll never forget our Saturday mornings/afternoons together in the fall of our senior year working on writing stories on Friday night's football games for the South Pas Journal.  She really loved people and showed care and concern for me at a difficult time in my life...and I'm sure she showed the same kind of attention to many others.  A sweet and wonderful only regret: I didn't act on that feeling and desire to visit her and her husband these past years--when I knew of her illness.  Life is so short.  Prayers are with her family.     

05/19/13 11:29 AM #11    

Bob Simpson

It's been said that "the only thing that people remember about you is how you made them feel". Each and every time Kim and I parted ways after talking, I walked away feeling better...her every word was a comfort. I'll miss you Kim! God bless you and Tom.

05/19/13 11:45 AM #12    

Karen Clifford (Romano)

Angel came down from Heaven 

Memories of good times so long ago

Kim keep watch from above

In God's loving arms

06/29/13 01:32 AM #13    

Rae Moore (Luce)

I recently wrote a commemorative piece about Kim because I was corresponding with Kate Powell Segerstrom about my letter to Kim's husband, Thomas, after her death.


Two themes emerged:


1.) I remember her as a funny but fierce competitor at field hockey on the Junior High grass. She was a and white uniform. She tore up that field.


2.) As she rose to be our Homecoming Queen, I must have had some surge of sterotypical expectation that I should envy her because she was so beautiful. I shared with Kate that I felt at the time that I should NOT like this girl because of her looks. What overwhelms me now is that I could NOT not like her...because she was always so kind and good and gracious and open and loving. SO much more than pretty.


I had a chance in 2003 (thank you Gina) to be at a table with a dozen 1973 women at a kind of reunion. Kim sat next to me. We were directed to go around the room and share something for which we were thankful. When it was her turn, she took a moment and then quietly said, "I am grateful that I woke up this morning."


She didn't know (because I didn't tell her) that those few words altered my perspective about my blessings. I have awakened every morning since that day in March 10 years ago with the realization that I have so much to be thankful for...each day.


Thank you, Kim, for proving again in my life that a little can go a long way.


Bless you.


Rae Moore Luce

07/12/13 10:13 AM #14    

Marc Crockett

Had some lasting memories with Kim and Tom. A trully classy and one of the friendliest persons I've known!

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