30 Year Reunion DVD Credit


Hi everyone!!

I'm giving those classmates who had purchased a 30 year reunion dvd a $10 credit towards our 40 year reunion cruise. See classmates listed at the bottom of this post.  I wasn't able to produce the 30 year reunion dvd.

However, I do have three great ways for everyone to watch our JEFHS, Class of 81 - 30 year reunion videos listed below: 


• Click on the 30 yr reunion video link on our class website at www.joeleferris81.com or click on this shortcut link below



• Click on your YouTube app on your smart tv or channel service provider and watch on the big screen in your home with family and friends

YouTube Search:

Joel E. Ferris H.S. Class of ‘81 reunion


• Copy and Paste into your Notes app on your mobile device or tablet for easy access anytime.


JEF Class of 1981 - 30 Year Reunion Videos 


August 19, 2011 - Northern Lights Brewery & Pub

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August 20, 2011 - Sunset Cruise on the Mish-an-Nock


📹 Reunion Cruise 1 of 2 (14:18 mins)



📹 Reunion Cruise 2 of 2 (8:20 mins)



📹 Classmate interviews 1 of 2 (13:28 mins)



📹 Classmate interviews 2 of 2 (15:16 mins)



 📹 Tribute to Classmates passed away 1 of 2 (12:54 mins)



📹 Tribute to Classmates passed away 2 of 2 (7:37 mins)



📹 Tribute to classmates whom served in the military (3:18 mins)



📹 Both tributes to classmates whom served in military and passed away (10:53 mins)



August 21, 2011 - Arbor Crest Winery

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30 Year Reunion DVD’s... 🤔📹📀


35 classmates receiving a $10 credit towards our 40 year reunion cruise on July 24, 2021


Updated on 8/29/20


Becky Manfred

Beth Lynch

Bill Bialozer 

Brad Bailey

Brian Briggs

Christine Slider

Denise Fisher (DeRiddder)

Earl Noble

Glen Martin

Gregg Durkee

Illa Davis (Vorpahl)

Jay Brown

Jay Scrimshaw 

Jeff Devenny

Jeff Legat

Jeffrey Hill

Jill Fisher (Mounsey)

Joan Koster (Pfau)

Julie Ryan (Dorr)

Karen Frandsen (Leppert)

Karen Riba

Kass Sells

Kathy Callen (Peterson)

Kim Anderson (White)

Kim Wilson (Arrison-Urban)

Michele Nestor

Mike Delay

Mike Lawson

Nat Louik

Perry Gude

Sara Aaker (Findlay)

Shelly Nelson

Tim Hatton

Tim Wolfe

Valerie Lyson