40 Year Reunion

JEFHS, Class of 1981 - 40 Year Reunion

July 23-25, 2021


Expanded and proposed” Itinerary for our 40 year reunion on July 23 - 25, 2021


Please give us your thoughts or other suggestions as this is only a “proposal” and always subject to change... 




JEFHS, Class of 1981 - 40th Reunion July 2021


“Proposed” ITINERARY 


Updated on March 26, 2021



🎉 FRIDAY JULY 23, 2021 


🎈 “Ice Breaker” Informal Gathering at Rock City Grill and Morty's Tap and Grille (over flow) on South hill.


🎈Reunion registration, name tags, payment taken for Reunion Cruise via cash or credit card. A wristband will provided to our classmates and guests for boarding the boat.


📸 Group Photos - 40yr, 35yr, 30yr, 20yr, 10yr, JEFHS, class of 1981 - All Reunion planning committee members over the years


🎈Raffle drawings?


📣 Announcements regarding our weekend event.




🎉 SATURDAY JULY 24, 2021 


🎈All day activities in Coeur d’Alene.


🎈Pre-Cruise Dinner in Coeur d’Alene. 


🎈Boarding Mich-an-Nock and must have wristband on (6:15pm).


📸 Class Photo on top deck. 


⛴ Two hour Reunion Cruise on beautiful Lake Coeur d’Alene onboard the Mish-an-Nock (6:45 - 8:45pm). Sunset is at 8:31pm.


🎈Post-Cruise Party with Live Music & Dancing in Coeur d’Alene at Iron Horse, Crickets and other venues on Sherman Ave and at the Cda Resort.




🎉 SUNDAY JULY 25, 2021


🎈Farewell Brunch up on the South Hill at Morty's Tap & Grille.


🎈School Tour at Ferris school.


📸 Class Picture during school tour.


🎈Concert and Wine at Arbor Crest Wine Cellars in the Spokane Valley.





📣 Discounted rooms at the Coeur d’Alene Resort and other hotels in Cda for Saturday


📣 Drawing for 2 Alaska Airlines RT Air Travel anywhere Alaska flies -  must be present on the cruise to win


🕯 Poster Board Tribute to classmates who have passed away on the top deck of boat


📣 Drinks and chips on the Cruise 


📣 Dancing and Videographer on the Cruise 


📣 Classmate video interviews on the Cruise 



Pick which venue numbers you are planning on attending at our 40 year reunion!!


Post on our Group Facebook Page


Joel E. Ferris H.S. Class of 1981, Spokane WA


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Missing Classmate List - 157

No Facebook or Registration on our “free” Class Website... 🤔



These "missing" classmates are not in our Class of 81 Facebook group of currently 174 classmates or registered on this website of 191 out of 388 who have joined since 2011. 


Abdalla, Sara

Ashby, Frank


Barratt, Jay

Barton, Brian

Bell (Copper), Cindy

Benjamin, Gordon

Bennett, Debbie

Berge, Mike

Bishop, Heidi

Boldman, Bill 

Bowman (Barrett), Tara

Bozarth, Rick

Brady, Mark

Brewer, Britt

Brommer, Darlene

Brown (Murphy), Julie

Brown, Robert

Bursch (Malthesen), Melody 

Butterfield (Neal), Bridget


Caldwell, Eric

Call, Debbie

Cambell, Lori

Camyn, John

Canton (Millan), Eva **

Carrier, Andrea 

Carroll, Michael

Christiansen, Andy 

Christopher, Sam

Clayton, Doug

Cochrane (Bramer), Tina

Cogdill, Ross

Conrad, Dana

Cranford, Deborah 

Crooks, Kelly

Crumley, Michelle

Curran, Kevin


Defoe (Etherton), Terri

Doliver (Legal), Jill 

Driftmeyer, Eric

Dueball, Dan

Durall (Payton), Deanna **

Durrant, Curtis

Dyck, Donna


Egan, Brian

Evenson, Cindy


Fennimore, Claudia

Fielding (Neely), Gayle

Forcier (Pearman), Bonnie

Freeman, Heather


Gingrich, Mary

Greve (Clark), Denise

Groves, Timothy 

Gundlach, Douglas

Gurkowski (Quail), Shenna

Gustfason (Calderon), Christa

Gustaveson (Dillon), Lisa 


Halverson, Rick

Harris, Sherri

Harris, Wanda

Hart, Jack

Hay, Julie

Haywood, Ken

Henderson, Jerry

Hermansen, Henrik 

Hoffman, Scott

Holloway, Angela

Hopkins, Curtis

Horton (Klapp), Lisa


Iholts, Pam 


Johnson (Kirschner), Kim

Johnson (Elkin), Patty

Johnson, Roger

Jones, Bob

Jones, Jama 

Jones, Sherla


Kendall, Rodney

Koth, Debbie

Kucherry (Mathwig), Traci

Kuntz, Tom


Lane, Greg

Larson, Daniel

Larson (Maier), Diana 

Larson, Tim

Layton, Todd

Legresley, Brian

Lehr, Johnna

Leinen (Nusbaum), Teresa 

Lindsay, Fred

Linville, Terry

Lyski, Jim

Lysne, Chip


Magnusson, Traci

Martin, Kelly

May (McClothen), Cindy 

McNabb, Dan

Meyers, Don

Mitchell, Brian

Moore, Kenya

Moore, Scott


Norgard, Donna

Norris, Chuck

Nyberg, Dean “D.J.”


O’Neal, Claudia

O’Neal, Rex

Orlowski, Stan **

Overman (Weisz), Virginia


Papini, Luis

Pardo (Tyler), Lisa

Parkey, Jeff

Payton, Doug **

Pearman, Jim

Pool (Longwell), Teenann

Powers, Kristin


Racchetta (Vickery), Jodi

Ray (Ulrich), Rockie

Reinhardt, Janet

Reodica, Francine 

Richardson, Mark

Richmond, Tim

Rikkla (Phillips), Lila

Riley, Charlie

Rodgers, Jeff

Ryan, Randy 


Sallaway, Jeff

Sanders, Steve

Satir (Tedeschi), Yasemin

Saty, Greg

Schafer (Hartley), Kim

Schram, Kamala

Schweigert, Kay

Servoss, Carol

Sheer, Tom

Sills, Donald “Roy”

Smith (Anderson) Laura

St. John (Dunlap), Julie

Stalder (Swiss), Hanspeter

Stanford, Kathy

Stephens (Weems), Regina

Stokes, Laurie


Thomas, Judith

Thompson, Harold “David”

Thompson, Mike


Vallance (Mackin), Patricia 

Vanderwilde, Wanda

Vostrez, Stephen


Walker, Jim

Walker, John

Weid (Wilson), Vanessa

Wendt, Doug **

Willard (Harbine), LaMoyne “Mickey” **

Williams, Debra

Williams, Robert

Willoughby, Deanna

Wilson, Jim

Wilson, Ron

Wimmer, Jim

Woodward, Mark

** Spouse or sibling 1981 classmates 


If you are in contact or Facebook friends with any of them listed above, please help us out by sharing our 40 year reunion info, dates, "invite" them to join our group Facebook page and to register on our "free and secure" class website. 

Thank You!



JEFHS, Class of 1981 - 40 Year Reunion Planning Committee 


Greg • MariKay • Rob • Scott • Shari • Tim