In Memory

Mark Bisson

Mark Bisson

It’s with great sadness that we have loss yet another one of our Ferris Saxon, class of 81 classmates this year... 😢

Mark Anthony Bisson loss his life on April 21, 2021 at age 57 after battling cancer.

This is according to his brother, Todd Bisson FB post after hearing about our fellow classmate, Ed Larison’s passing on May 10th. 

Mark had worked for the Seatle Police Department for 25 years before retiring.

Mark and Ed were good friends in high school.

So sad to hear that we have loss three of our classmates just this year! 😢

⚔️ Martin “Marty” James Edgen | February 12th
⚔️ Mark Anthony Bisson | April 21st
⚔️ Edward Joseph Larison | May 10th

R.I.P. Mark, Ed and Marty!! 🕯🥀🎓⚔️