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John Caspari

John Allen Caspari - in Memory

We are deeply saddened that our classmate, John Caspari, passed away in March 2007 after a three year battle with cancer.  John’s family gets a little complicated but here goes as reported to me by his brother, Charlie.  Charlie admitted that he himself sometimes gets confused on delineating John’s family.   John is survived by his wife, Pamela, two children (Elizabeth and Connie) from his first wife, Carol, and one child (Alice), from his second wife, Wally.  Wally is deceased.  John has five grandchildren from his first two marriages.  From his second and third marriages, John was blessed with five additional children from those wives previous marriages and several more grandchildren.   Charlie stated that John was a devoted father and grandfather to all of the children and grandchildren.

For a bit of history on John – After serving eight years in the Navy, John with a PHD in accounting was a full time professor at the University of Nebraska, Bradley University and Grand Valley in Michigan.  His most recent home was Grand Rapids, Michigan.  John was many times published.  He helped author an accounting book with Eliyahu Goldratt, on the “Theory of Constraints” (a systems approach to continuous improvement), on which John was considered an expert.

John, who we all remember as Roo, who was a hitchhiker, a lumberjack (“I be a berjack”) and somewhat of a “Maverick”, often hosted a few of us to his rustic family cabin in Ware, Missouri.  My parents were always suspicious that there really was no such place.  Charlie still maintains the “Family Farm” in Ware and John and his wife, Pamela, would often go to the farm to horseback ride and to partake in their favorite pastime of writing books.

Respectfully submitted (I encourage other classmates to add on comments and memories),

Bob Karn, September 20, 2009

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