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07/05/16 08:13 AM #116    

Wanda Stroman (Altman ) (1973)

To all the Committee who worked so hard to make the reunion so wonderful, thank you, thank you, thank you!  It was truly wonderful to reconnect with so many old friends.  I hope that I can come to the next one.  Maybe we can add an event 'Walker Relay" as many of us are getting a bit slow...  So glad to get to see all those from the Class of '73..  Really enjoyed the Dunk B&B and just being able to be in Sunburst.  The saying is true - 'you know you are home when you can see the hills'.  God Bless and see you all down the road.

07/05/16 08:33 AM #117    


Clint Feehan (1971)

Thank You for all your hard work at reunion had a very good time seen people had not seen 40 plus years. You did out standing will be at next one if still kicking.Thanks again for all your hard work and the people that couldnt make it hope too see you next one. Happy Trails !!!

07/05/16 09:36 AM #118    

Karla Dahlen (Wagner) (1965)

Hats off to all of those that made the reunion such success!  You did an amazing job!

When reminiscing with classmates & others, it came to mind - what an incredible group of individuals NTCHS had educated to go forth and prove themselves to the world.  "Coming back" seemed as though coming full circle to where our roots began!

Happy trails to all.....until we meet again....

07/06/16 09:17 AM #119    


Vicki Anderson (1968)

Had a great time!! Thanks for all the work put into this event .. Thanks to everyone who came!! See you next time if we are still kickin!! 

07/06/16 08:21 PM #120    

Mark Christensen (1970)

    To the amazing souls who made this reunion possible, Thank you is not enough. All the gratitude I can muster, is not enough. I saw relatives and friends I haven't seen in 50 plus years, and was welcomed into the community like I was just there yesterday. That has always been the Sunburst way. I laughed with the stories of my long time friends, and wept on the shoulders of relatives. I can say, that two of the saddest moments I have ever had, were leaving Sunburst the first time, and leaving Sunburst the last time. I look forward to the next reunion, and hope my health remains good. We did get a chance to drive around and look at the country, and I must say, it is beautiful. Second, third and fourth generation farmers have learned how to be good shepards of the land, and it shows. I wish I could have been there to watch it. Again, thank you. That seems weak, and not nearly enough, but it's all I have. One suggestion I have, is to put the names on both sides of the tag. The breeze made it hard to see names.

07/07/16 01:36 PM #121    

Michael Stoltz (1958)


Congratulations to everyone putting on the reunion! It was fantastic, well organized. We had a great time and the meals were good. Art Taft did a real nice job with the closing ceremony. The music, entertainment was also very good. Sunburst looked pretty good too. People must have been busy. Thank you very much.

Mike Stoltz 58



07/08/16 10:43 AM #122    

Mark Christensen (1970)

Have the class pictures been posted yet?? I can't find them.

07/09/16 08:49 AM #123    

Mike Bashor (1964)

The pictures have been delivered to the web master.  Not sure after that or where exactly they will be posted.


Mike Bashor

07/09/16 02:30 PM #124    

Toni Housel (Sharp) (1989)

I just wanted to say thank you very much to everyone who put on an awesome reuion.  I had a great time and enjoyed seeing everyone and looking forward to the next reunion :)


Toni Sharp (Housel)

07/11/16 01:44 PM #125    

Karla Dahlen (Wagner) (1965)

Thank you, Mike Bashor for faithfully taking reunion photos for so many years and making them available to everyone via the reunion site this year, and thank you, Korey for getting them to the gallery for all of us to enjoy.  

Again, thank you all for making it an awesome several days!

Karla Dahlen Wagner

07/11/16 07:02 PM #126    


Wendy Paisley (Olson) (1974)

Thank you to all the great people who prepared for and made the 2016 NTCHS Reunion so much fun!  Everything ran so smoothly this year.  One suggestion is to not schedule entertainment during the class pictures, so that the entertainers could be in their class picture. (Maybe we'll just have to photoshop Rex and Scott -- Midnight Sunshine -- in!! 😜 ). Thanks again for an awesome weekend!


07/16/16 01:44 PM #127    

Les Kohles (1964)

Les Kohles 1964

We just want to thank everyone that made the reunion such a big success. Everything worked like clockwork. We have never been to an affair so well organized.

Thank you for the handicapped parking you supplied behind the phone company. Made our off road vehicle (wheelchair) easier to use.

Food was great and was served on time! Many thanks to the volunteers.

Les and Joleen Kohles



07/28/16 07:40 PM #128    

Randy Fauque (1970)

Blue skies, yellow shirts, a pink-arrowed trail, and rosy-cheeked walkers and runners... all combined to make a very successful Fun Run during the Reunion.  Because of your generosity, the Sunburst Community Foundation was able to give almost $300 towards the pool.  Thanks for sharing and thanks for participating!

08/26/18 12:46 AM #129    


Joe White (1958)

Hey Refiners!  Getting old ain't for sissies!  But you can fnd ways to ease the pain of our dreaded ailment, AGE, by reading Katie Lawson's new book.  Fire up the computer--or get a grandchild to do it--and search for Rejuvenate Naturally: Anti-Aging is Possible.  Several sites will pop-up where you can find more information quickly and order a copy in minutes.  Katie knows her stuff; she is truly dedicated and highly educated in this field and has authored other self-help books and articles over the years.  You'll find her hard-earned credentials listed on the sites you study.  Who knows?  If we practice what she preaches, maybe at the next reunion we can keep up with her!  Well done, Katie!

08/26/18 02:18 PM #130    

Kay (Katie) Lawson-Gilfilen (1959)

Hi Joe,

Thanks for posting.  I've had good response from the sale and reading of Rejuvenate Naturally.

Lots of good tips - I am quite healthy following my own preaching, but haven't yet learned a way to lessen those pesky wrinkles!


08/17/22 02:58 PM #131    


Dennis Bergstrom (1966)

Roger Bergstrom's obituary


Dennis Bergstrom

12/06/22 03:31 PM #132    


Dennis Bergstrom (1966)

In August  2022, I posted the obituary of my brother, Roger Bergstrom class of 1964 but it was not added to the In Memory page.  Should I post it here again?   Dennis Bergstrom class of 1966

12/13/22 02:07 PM #133    

Don Kelley (1968)

I lost the place where we are to upload obits. Please remind me as I have one for Robert Kelley Class of 1962

04/25/23 07:00 PM #134    

Jim Schlegel (1971)

I believe Larry Hurlbert majored in architecture at Montana State University. Not sure where he is now.

07/17/23 11:55 AM #135    

Julie Guszregan (Buchman) (1975)

Hi all,
I found this awhile back and should have brought it to reunion. I found this saying. "Anyone can love the Mountains, but it takes a soul to love the Prairie. Found it on Etsy. Got it on a sweatshirt. You can get stickers, bumper stickers, t-shirts, sweatshirts and not sure about hats. Contact is Simple Stuff Creations (
Trying to attach picture but technically challenged. Will keep trying to attach.

07/19/23 11:06 AM #136    

Sue Lasher (McMinn) (1975)

Photo for Julie Guszregan Buchman post

This is the picture Julie Guszregan Buchman was referring to :)

07/29/23 08:52 AM #137    

E Bud Baldwin (1965)

Thanks so much to Korey and all the reunion helpers for doing such a great job with the 2023 reunion.
A great time was had by all.
Bud Baldwin

07/30/23 05:24 PM #138    

Bruce Gillespie (1964)

Just visited with some others that attended the reunion. All were excited and appreciated the efforts of Korey and so many others involved in the pre planning and making the entire effort go off so smoothly. A great time was had by all. Many thanks to all involved and all who attended, expecially from far away places. Butch Gillespie

07/31/23 09:20 AM #139    

Kathy Gottfried (Johnson) (1974)

Thank you so much to all the organizers and volunteers of the 2023 All School.  Getting to see people I hadn't seen in many years was fantastic.  The photos are amazing, great touch to the whole experience. Korey and everyone you went above and beyond!  Thank you again.  Kathy Gottfried Johnson (1974)

08/15/23 07:56 PM #140    

Larry Miner (1973)

Thank You to all of those individuals who helped organize and execute a perfect 2023 Reunion. It was awesome to reaquaint with all. Just sorry I didn't get to talk with everyone. Shout out to Korey and his team that helped make this a "10"! I was reminded once again why I will always claim North Toole County as home. Although many of the industries and businesses are just a memory, the spirit of those who remain is strong!

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