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08/30/15 11:09 PM #744    


Aliece Sefcik (Lowe)

I like a couple of Mac's suggestions, the rest are kinda stinky, if you ask me!cheeky

I love the mountains in the summer but with most of the classmates in Texas, it seems that is where it should be.

I remember we had one reunion at a hotel with a conference room where we gathered, maybe Amarillo?  That works very well, I think.  My vote is to make it as simple as possible for not only the attendees but also for the individuals who have contributed so much of their time, talent and money into creating memorable reunions in the past. Even though I cannot attend each one, I am so appreciative of the hard work they put into it.  Thank you!

I will try my best to attend no matter where or when it is held! 

God Bless!


05/24/17 10:02 AM #745    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Classmates, just saw on fb where Charlotte Grantham O'Daniel's mom passed away this morning.  I know this was unexpected and she will be missed by her loved ones.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers.  Don't have any other information at this time.

06/08/18 05:28 PM #746    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Classmates, before we know it 2019 will be here and it will be time for our 50th Reunion.

If someone would like to start throwing out their suggestions, now would be the time!!

Don't be shy, let's be fun and creative for this one!!!

06/09/18 05:13 PM #747    


Margie Arnold (Grady)

I could check with my travel agent as to the individual cost of a cruise out of Galveston.


06/13/18 03:16 PM #748    


Margie Arnold (Grady)

Who would interested?

06/13/18 03:50 PM #749    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

I guess we need more responses to get ideas on what to do. 

06/14/18 01:13 PM #750    


Kelly Ewen

 I would certainly be interested  

07/12/18 08:09 PM #751    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

I always hate to post the passing of loved ones.  Charlotte & Dale O'Daniel said goodbye to his sweet Mom

Marilyn O'Daniel, on Wednesday.  Services will be at 10:00 am July 19 th at FBC and Visitation will be the

evening before at Kornerstone at 6:00 pm..  Please keep their family in your prayers during their time of

of loss.



07/20/18 11:51 AM #752    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Those that are in Tulia for Picnic, let's meet at El Camino

at 3:00 pm on Saturday to start planning for next year.  

07/22/18 05:40 PM #753    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Thank you big time to the classmates that showed up for the meeting.

I think we are off to a good start for planning our 50th Reunion.

Everyone stay tuned and ready for more information!!!

Please post ideas that you may have on here!!!


07/25/18 12:58 PM #754    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

07/25/18 01:03 PM #755    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

This is the Hornet that is being used by the school right now.  Sheri is going to think about designing shirts for our 50th Reunion.  Is this the Hornet that we would want to use?  I know yall are thinking it is too early to start planning but if we don't start now, we may forget later!!!  Remember, we are getting closer to 70 NOW!

Start thinking about what you want to do special for 2019!!  Let's get some of that good ole school spirit stirred up!!!


07/25/18 03:30 PM #756    


Charlotte Grantham (O'Daniel)

That is the one I want....


07/26/18 12:26 PM #757    


Princess Roberts (Gruben)


08/29/18 07:55 PM #758    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

So sad to hear of the passing of Jo Wilkerson, Jan's mom, this morning.  Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers!!!!  No info about service yet.

08/30/18 12:14 PM #759    


Aliece Sefcik (Lowe)

I am sad to hear about Mrs. Wilkerson.  So many memories of our class moms and dads and all they did for us over the years.

Of course, that is "THE" THS HORNET!  A great idea!  Be careful about that crazy Sheri....she will have cow eyes with long eyelashes on that face!! laughheart


08/30/18 01:33 PM #760    

Ken Miller

There will be a grave-side service for Mrs. Wilkerson on Friday, August 31 at 10:00 at Rose Hill Cemetery.  Our prayers are with the family.

09/05/18 01:36 PM #761    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Thought everyone would like to know that Dorothy Boyett passed away.  Services will be on Friday at Cakvary Baptist Church.  Services are at 3:00 pm.  Visitation will be on Thursday evening from 6-7 at Kornerstone.  Please remember them during this time of sorrow.  We all remember how much THS and Tulia meant to her.

12/03/18 04:42 PM #762    


Dorinda Burton (Eargle)

Just a bit of Hornet trivia - the fighting Hornet was designed and drawn by my Aunt Carolyn


04/30/19 06:23 PM #763    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

Alright Class of '69, I know yall can make some noise!!!  It is not that far away from our BIG 50th Reunion!!

Just starting a cheer so everyone will be making plans to attend.  THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST ONE EVER!!  Dont want any one to miss out on the FUN!!

The Committee met last night (minus Becky) and will be calling each and everyone of our classmates that we have numbers for, so if your information is not up to date, please update so you won't miss out on the call.

So!  Let's start making some noise on the message forum or updating that info.

See YA'LL in July!!!


05/01/19 06:14 PM #764    


Richard Edwards

Thanks to the Reunion committee for all your work. Jo Beth and I are planning to be there for a weekend of visiting and catching up. Hope everyone in the Class of '69 can make all or part of the weekend.

05/03/19 10:22 AM #765    


Charlotte Grantham (O'Daniel)

Hey, glad you are coming for the entire time.  Planning some fun things.  Can't wait to see you and EVERYONE else.  Come on.  

05/04/19 10:43 AM #766    


Sharon Stout (Curry)

Hi everyone!! I'm excited to see everyone this summer We cruisers are ready to rock and roll. I'll be there for the entire event. I think the golf cart idea is fun! Hope to see everyone there.

05/04/19 10:50 AM #767    


Charlotte Grantham (O'Daniel)

Looking good Stout. Can’t wait to see you. I’ll put you down. 

I might spread a rumor: Ppaarrttyy in Stout’s basement!!


10/17/19 10:12 AM #768    


Ka Hughes (Wilfong)

If you are going to Ruidoso next week, look forward to seeing everyone.  I will bring extra 50th Reunion shirts to Ruidoso.  They were designed by Sheri Love Meriman and will cost $20.  Hope to see you on the 24th.

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