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10/27/10 05:19 PM #53    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

Andie it was a great reunion, from Friday night at Left Coast to Sunday at Nokomis Jetty.  Thank you for helping me.  You had the great idea to have the cocktail hour and brunch at Robbie's, brilliant ideas.  Beckie helped me get the web site up and running (aka "the keeper of the list").  I'm still recovering from Saturday night, what a great time!  The Committee was a great bunch of friends, who put up with my house and our dog!  Mac was the entertainment for one meeting that is branded into my mind 

I could not (or wouldn't have wanted to) do this reunion without all of you.  Thank you.


11/07/10 09:08 PM #54    


Pam Myers (Nave)

I have now ben home for a couple weeks and had time to ponder our wonderful reunion. Thank you Deb, Andie, Beckie, Betty , Connie, and all who attended our great weekend event.  You girls worked so hard to make it a success for all of us who have left the town behind.  We were a great class even if they did throw me out before my time.  I still continued on and found my way to a blessed life and more wonderful memories.


Thanks You one and All and may God Bless each of you on the rest of our journey through life!!!!

11/21/10 07:25 PM #55    


Pam Myers (Nave)

Please tell me what has happened.  No one has said anything nice or otherwise on here except the few who worked so hard.  Ya'll know we can still communicate.  I for one am not dead yet.  Do you suppose some people found out that they didn't really like their old classmates.  I still like all that I always did like and I am proud of the accomplishments of alot of our clasmates.  We still have lives and grandchildren, pets and old age to talk about so get with it folks.  Life is what we make it and it is a participation sport.


Hugs  and HAPPY THANSGIVING to all.

12/12/10 09:33 AM #56    


Andrea Bruback (Wolfer)

I can't believe this is the second time on this forum to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year! Be safe, warm, be loved- and be happy!!


12/14/10 11:35 AM #57    


Pam Myers (Nave)

Merry Christmas to all or at least anyone who logs onto this site.  Happy and prosperous New Year to all those still in the grind.


01/26/11 08:47 AM #58    


Andrea Bruback (Wolfer)

I got our reunion booklet yesterday and enjoyed it so much! The pictures are great and the memories even better! Brought it all back for a short time. 

06/01/11 05:08 PM #59    


Beckie Roberts (Cable)

Can you believe on Sunday it will be 41 years for us since we graduated?   Wow; how time flies.  I hope everyone has a great summer!

06/14/11 09:11 PM #60    


Jeffrey Scott Sourbeer

LOL where were you that night?

06/30/11 09:08 AM #61    


Joseph Kinley

Happy Fourth of July!

I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. And if you take the time to think about our classmates that are no longer with us and those who served in the military so that we celebrate our freedom, I'm sure you will agree we had the best graduating class ever!

08/09/11 09:35 AM #62    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

Joe, you are so right, we have the best class ever.  Did you (our class) know the other graduating classes...Class of '68, Class of '69, and Class of '71 did not have their 40th Reunion.  How very sad, we partied til we pooped!  This reunion showed me we no longer have "groups" or cliches.  We are all friends............

11/25/11 11:32 AM #63    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

Happy Holidays to everyone, wishing you all a very healthy new year too.

11/26/11 04:00 PM #64    


Andrea Bruback (Wolfer)

Hey, here we are- another Christmas holiday!! I hope everyone has a very wonderful season with family and friends! Debbie- get better real quick- we have shopping to do . cool

11/26/11 08:41 PM #65    


Beckie Roberts (Cable)

Happy Birthday to all those late 59ers! Y'all are pushing us early birthdays into that 60's decade sooner than we want to be there.  Hope your birthday is a happy one Andie! And i'm glad you recovered from your surgery so quickly; let's just hope Deb does as well as you did.  Everybody needs to get well; stay well, and have a happy holiday season.  We all need to grow old together; but not too soon; let's enjoy life a bit before we get to the old part.

12/16/11 02:21 PM #66    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

This year went so quickly, maybe I'll JUST stay 59 foreverdevil   Soon my first grand baby will be here, his name is Patrick...named after my 3rd great grandfather who was Irish.

Just got home from P/T, beyond pooped!!!  I wanted to wish all my friends a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

01/16/12 08:09 PM #67    


Jeffrey Scott Sourbeer

Where's the pictures Grandma??

06/05/12 10:24 PM #68    


Beckie Roberts (Cable)

42 years??? Wow; where has the time gone?  How can it be that long?  We are not even that old ...  Are we?  The Class of 1970 still rules!

11/05/12 11:21 AM #69    


Beckie Roberts (Cable)

What a wonderful 60th Birthday celebration we had on Saturday November 3, 2012!  I want to extend a special thank you to all those that took their time to attend this mini reunion which made the evening so spectacular.  If you attended, I think you will agree that everyone had a splendid time catching up, recalling old memories and stories of our marvelous days; nights and of course those weekends while we attended Venice High School. 

I am truly sorry if you missed the celebration because you missed such a fantastic time, and because we missed you.  But, of course since you were not there, we probably talked about you ... but only in some amazing story; and we wondered why you didn't attend!  Yes, I am talking about you!!!

I truly hope that if and when we plan our next mini reunion everyone will try to set aside some time to attend.  Remember life is short and you need to enjoy your friends while you can.    

Until then, I wish you nothing but the best! 

Beckie Roberts Cable

11/05/12 01:15 PM #70    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

Totally agree with Beckie...we had so much fun!  I think we are closer than we were in high school.  No cliches, no attitudes, only friendshipheart  I wish we could find a smaller, more private area....I'll have to work on that!

See you soon!


10/19/15 12:30 PM #71    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

I had such a great time this body is telling me "You're not as young as you once were!!!" Oh well...can't wait for the next reunionyes


10/20/15 10:38 AM #72    


Cathy Layman (Harper)

I had a great time too.  Thanks for your hard work in keeping track of everyone!  And thanks to you, Beckie, Andie, Dee (and anyone else) who planned our Class of '70 dinner Saturday night.  It was awesome!


10/21/15 09:02 PM #73    

Jerry Horton


Hello Classmates!

Jerry and I would like to say we had a ball at the reunion. Thank you to the fabulous committee!

Susan and Jerry Horton




10/22/15 10:47 AM #74    


Jennifer Curwood (Mainey)

Dear Classmates,
It was so much fun to see all of your familiar faces! Will be looking forward to some small get-togethers in town this year and, of course, to our BIG 5-0!!! Time will fly and let's all try to stay above ground til then! Thanks to Deb, Beckie, and the committee for setting up our special dinner on Friday.

02/19/19 06:51 PM #75    


Patricia Higley (Edrich)

 Thanks, Debbie for sharing the passing of Mr. Thierry. Many memories of my “band time” with Mr Thierry With all fellow band members from 1967-1970.  He was a very patient man! 

02/20/19 08:58 AM #76    

Tom Pitcock

Certainly a well intended man......we might havel.....well, I might have been a little better to him.....he always wanted me to practice and work a bit harder.....I may have left that a bit short.  May he RIP......and hey Pat!

04/06/19 01:49 PM #77    


Debbie Hancox (McMurry)

Good news....Yes, we need good news. Retirement, grandchildren, hobbies, new home...what you do to keep yourself busy.

As for me, I retired several years ago due to health problems. Fortunately, that is all behind me. I am a mother of two children and Grammy to two amazing grandsons. Unfortunately my grandsons live in North Carolina with their mom (my daughter Krystie) and their dad MSG Larry Melton. I only get to see them four or five weeks out of the year.

What keeps me busy is genealogy. I belong to three lineage societies; Daughters of the American Revolution, Colonial Dames of America and Colonial Dames Seventeenth Century. I enjoy discovering true stories of my ancestors who helped to form this country. My favorite ancestor is Henry Burt of Springfield, Massachusetts, my 10th Great Grandfather. He and his wife moved to Massachusetts from England around 1638, my first Gateway Ancestor. Henry was the person in charge of keeping the records (births, deaths, marriages) for Springfield. I have a copy of his handwriting. If you can trace your ancestors back to the Revolution, then you can go back to those ancestors who first landed in America.

By the way, I do walk several times a week. My latest discovery is the Celery Fields east of I 75. You can double your heart rate and enjoy the beauty around you at the same time.

Now, it's your turn to tell your story.

Debbie Hancox McMurry


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