Walking Tour Photos

10:00 A.M., September 17, 2011

Mike Richardson organized a walking tour of Old Town Alexandria for Saturday morning, September 17, 2011, of the 50th Reunion weekend.

Everyone who was interested met in the lobby of the Hotel Monaco to meet up with the tour guide Carolyn Cooper.

See the first pictures, thanks to Frank Roddy!  Please help us fill in the "?" for the people we cannot remember.  Send Walter Laake or Lynn Cooley an email.

Steve Abbott

Joe Privatera, Ruth, Frank Roddy, Elizabeth

Frank Roddy, Elizabeth, Joe Privatera, Ruth

Meeting in the Lobby

Martha, Regis Lyons; Carolyn Cooper (tour guide)

Meeting in the Lobby

(from far left) Suzie, Ruth, Joe Privatera, Mike Richardson, John Thomas, Fred Moss, Martha

Meeting in the Lobby

(from left) Suzie, Ruth, Joe Privatera, Mike Richardson, John Thomas, Fred Moss

On the streets of Alexandria

Regis Lyons, Martha, Carolyn Cooper (tour guide), Chuck Dombrowski, John Thomas, behind John ?, Ruth

On the streets

Suzie, Mike Richardson, John Thomas, Elizabeth, Chuck Dombrowski, Fred Moss

Elizabeth, Regis Lyons, John Thomas, Fred Moss, Carolyn Cooper


Carolyn Cooper, John Thomas, Regis Lyons

Chuck Dombrowski, Martha, Carolyn Cooper, Elizabeth, Regis Lyons, Eleanor, Ruth, Mike Jennings

Martha, Fred Moss, Eleanor, Carolyn Cooper, Mike Richardson, Elizabeth, Regis Lyons, Joe Privatera, Mike Jennings

Eleanor, Elizabeth, Regis Lyons (back), Joe Privatera, Mike Richardson, Suzie, Carolyn Cooper

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