Click HERE to download the Recognition Awards Application for 20-21.  Due Feb 4 to Council.

Click HERE to download unit President's Handbook 2020

Click HERE to download officers list.  Fill out & return to the PTA office in May so you get your tool kit & other important mailings & workshop info.

Click HERE SOON to download form to submit PTA Unit Spotlight Awar

Click on Links to download most used PTA forms...

AGENDA Council Sample from 1-13-14

If they are a PDF form you can type in the form by following the steps below:

  1. Click on the link to open the form/report
  2. Click on "Save as" to your desktop or folder
  3. Open the PDF file from the desktop or folder
  4. Click on the top left corner "Sign"
  5. Click on "T Add text".
  6. Place your cursor where you would like to add text & type.
  7. You can print, you can also save the PDF again & it will keep the info (ex.:  so you can save each month's president's report for your file - "Aug 2013 Pres Report")



Unit & Council Recgnition Awards Application Due Dec  Click HERE

33rd District Membership Awards 

Workman's Comp Form Due November

Red Ribbon Awards



Nominating Committee Check List

You've been elected to the Nominating Committee - What's Next?

DOs & DON'Ts of the Nominating Committee

Report of the Nominating Committee


Council Dessert Reservation form COMING SOON Due November

Monthly Unit President's Form - Due at every Council President's Meeting

Summary Tax & Government Filings click HERE

Tips for Effective Board Meetings click HERE

Unit Directory/Program Info/form to submit at Oct 1 meeting click HERE SOON for form.

WPRC PTA Unit Officer's List - turn in ASAP / whenever you have changes

Historian's Report - Word Document

Bank Account Info Form - Word Document

Email Etiquitte

Recording Secretary - script for President's

Recording Secretary - script for financial's

Event Planning Worksheet

Fiduciary Responsibility

RED RIBBON WEEK info coming soon