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Annual Treasurer Reports - Sept 2 & 3, 2020 TBA.

Hello Unit Presidents & Treasurers,

It has been brought to our attention the following processes aren’t always being followed.  Please note going forward from today and as leaders of your units the following processes are done.

  1. Authorization for payment forms are Always filled out first for all checks and if you void a check.  If voided the voided check is attached to form as receipt.
  2. Always two signatures on checks even if bank doesn’t require it.  It’s a PTA rule.
  3. Always two signatures on cash verification form.  It’s a PTA rule.
  4. Secretary to sign authorization for payments (along with President’s signature) as a double check to ensure those expenses were approved in the minutes.  To be aware the funds were released for those events.
  5. If your using the PTA Authorization form the Name and address is who the check is written to.  I’ve attached an updated form to use which is more clear unless your using our 2 part form.  (Janice – Please post on website and remove the other one)
  6. Even if you write a check to WPRC an authorization form is filled out for every check written.
  7. Never comingle money.  Money you deposit does not get cashed out you must show proof of expense.
  8. If you need petty cash, you write a check for cash and before counting the money for that event you remove that petty cash money and show it coming back in as a receipt.

These are just a bit of concerns and updates for you to be aware of going forward.

Again and Always, please let us know if you have any questions.  We are here to help.  Don’t hesitate or be shy.

Thank you and we appreciate your support!


Hi All PTA/PTSA Presidents/Treasurers,

NEW.....You should turn in the following at every monthly President's Meeting:

Monthly Financial Folder consists of:

  • Treasurer Report
  • Bank Statement
  • Executive and Associate minutes/agenda
  • Cash verification form with 2 signatures and deposit slips attached behind
  • Authorization for payment form with president signature and all receipts attached behind
  • Any contracts or adopted forms (ex: budget, event contracts, etc) signed in that month filed in the month signed.

Treasurer Reports:

All Treasurer Reports are due tomorrow up to at least July (Even if you have no activity in a month you must create a report showing your balances carrying over to every month with or without activity).  If you don’t have it ready I’m looking for them the following month.  Remember voided checks you must still fill out an authorization for payment and attach the voided check as your receipt.  ALL AUTHORIZATIONS filled out MUST have a valid receipt attached or that person is liable for the monies.   

Your treasurer report must reflect the green ledger and you use the bank statement to balance against your ledger.


Audits from Jan-Feb and Mar-June are now due.  If you need help with your audit please advise us ASAP.  We are doing random audits even if your books are already done by your auditor throughout the year.  We must follow all PTA guidelines guys.


You should have meet with your executive team by now and formed an annual budget.  Remember it’s a working document to guide you on what you anticipate you’re going to make and spend.  You’re going to take your ending June balance and add that to what you think your anticipated income (fundraisers/donations, etc..) will be for this coming school year (you don’t have to break down all events per categories just put the following:

Checking         $ 2,000

Fundraisers      $10,000

Donations        $ 500

Membership    $100

Then you want to list the expenses… you do or will be doing at your school.

At the end your estimated expenses MUST be less than your anticipated income.  You MUST not be in the negative or you will need to adjust your expense or income. 

Bank Information sheet:

You should have all your executive board in place.  Please provide if you haven’t already a list of all your signers on your bank account.  Due ASAP to council.

I’ve attached copies for everyone’s enjoyment/reference J of the following templates (treasurer report, audit, budget, bank Information and bank signature letter) and can also be found on our website:

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in making this year and every year a successful one!

WPRC Treasurer


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Click HERE for Bank Account Info Form

Click HERE for Annual Treasurer Appointment Notice 

Click HERE for NEW Audit Report Form (Updated May 2016)

Click HERE for Audit Checklist (CA Toolkit 2013)

Click HERE for PTA Budget Template Dec. 2014

Click HERE SOON for Treasurer’s Ledger Reference Guide 2019

Click HERE for Unit Annual Report Template 2013-2014

Click HERE for Unit Treasurer Report Template  Sept 2014


Let me know if you have any questions about the forms.

Thank you,