Senior Class Stuff

Class Officers

David Short, President

Robin Deal, Vice President

Steve Smith, Treasurer

Carolynne Merritt, Secretary

Now Available 

It is a pdf file and is over 22 MB, so be prepared (77 pages plus cover page).  Please keep in mind that we typed this on mimeograph paper and/or typewriter with "white-out", so the quality on some pages isn't that great.  Thanks to Rhonda Russell for scanning each of the 78 pages.

Click below to see the Class of 1980's Last Will & Testament  000/6/6/0/13066/userfiles/file/Class_of_1980-Last_Will_and_Testament.pdf

Let me know of any technical issues, this is the first time I've uploaded a separate file to this site.  I'm sure there is a prettier way to do it, but it is the best I can do for now-Kathy


Homecoming Queen:  Cathy Nixon

(could that be Billy Kinsey beside her?)

Homecoming Float

(could it be the Bleacher Bums?)  Guess we couldn't do this today, huh?



Senior Superlatives


Best All-Around: David Short and Cathy Nixon

Best Dressed: Albert Johnson and Theresa Howard
Best Looking: Susan Jamerson and Thom Sutlive
Friendliest: Steve Smith and Teresa Banks
Most Athletic: Melvin Gray and Renata Anderson
Most Intelligent: Kim Newman and Bard Bloom
Most Likely to Succeed: Tom Shields and Kathy Brice
Most School Spirited: Jeff Hall and Teri Serating
Most Talented: Scott Guthrie and Lyn Whitley
Wittiest: Billy Kinsey and Cheryl Smith