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10/21/09 11:45 PM #1    


Kathy Brice

Welcome to the Lafayette High School Class Of 1980 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/07/09 07:16 PM #2    

John Martin (Martin)

Kathy, I want to be one of the first to thank you for setting up this website.

John Martin

12/28/09 08:58 PM #3    

Lynda Whitley (Harding)

The site looks awesome! I am looking forward to helping however I can! Peace, Lyn

01/01/10 02:14 PM #4    

Shirley Green (Stevenson)

Kathy, I too love the website. I especially liked the In Memory section. I didnt realize that we had lost so many of our group. Thanks for taking the time to set it up. It is much appreciated.
Shirley G. Stevenson

01/02/10 05:39 PM #5    

Bridgette McKeoun (Rogers)

Yes, i am loving this. Looking thru the pictures has been a blast, and some have even brought tears. I too was shocked to see so many that have passed on, especially those that had made a small impact in my life.
Just looking thru pictures and profiles has sparked hidden memories and have helped me to remember those i had forgotten. I truly thank you Kathy from the bottom of my heart. This is the BEST!
Please visit me on Facebook so i can show off my kids and grandkids. I still have some pics i want to add to my profile here...just gotta gather them together. Will post them soon.
And a great big HELLO to the rest of my classmates at "Laf-a-Lot" High!!! lol
I sure hope to be able to attend our 30th!

01/02/10 05:47 PM #6    

Betty Jean Chapman (Kempinski)

Hello Kathy:
Communication is so important today, I'm excited to have this site available for our class of 1980! This is a very nice service for us. It helps us understand and cope with the significant changes that are happening. It's already marked as a "favorite" on my browser. Keep up the good work. Your hard work and service are greatly appreciated.

01/03/10 12:10 AM #7    


Kathy Brice

Thank you all for liking the site. Keep spreading the word. As of 1/2/2010, we have 51 members, but still have a long way to go.

Check back often for updates.


02/24/10 04:01 PM #8    

Kimber Williams (Reichert)

Kathy, Just wanted to let you know that I will help where needed on the reunion so Email me any time! The class site is really coming together.

04/11/10 09:12 PM #9    

Curtis McCoy

Hello everyone.
Got some sad news,you all remember Mr.Lee {aka Hondo} he passed away this weekend I'm sorry to say,he will be missed.

04/17/10 09:58 PM #10    


Kathy Brice

I posted Mr. Lee's obituary on the "In Memory" section of the website. 


09/02/10 09:25 AM #11    


William Patrick (Patrick)

 Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to say thank you for setting up our 30th Class reunion. & this website. Please know that our lost classmates are in my prayers. Due to my Job may not be able to attend. But hope to on Sat.


God Bless everyone,


1 888 213 7888

09/03/10 01:59 AM #12    


Kathy Brice

Thanks to all who have added messges to the forum.  Please keep it up!

Please also register and help us have a great reunion.  Many of you have said you are coming, but we aren't seeing that in the registrations.  In order to put this together, many details -- including knowing the headcount--have to come together.  Please support the reunion and the class -- please register as soon as possible. 

We are hoping to make this informal and fun for everyone.



10/09/10 09:34 AM #13    

James Pullen

October 8 was so Much FUN. It is wonderful seeing everyone and catching up . That was just the icebreaker. Round 2 and 3 to come tonight. THe only problem  Hangovers hurt more then they use to.

10/11/10 11:01 AM #14    

Teresa Banks (Nice)

Just wanted to say thanks to those who put so much work into this reunion.  I was able to attend Friday night and had a wonderful time.  My only regret was not making it Saturday.  It was so good to see all of you there.  Some how each and everyone of you have made an impression on my life and I thank you all for that.  Wishing the best to all.   Can't wait for the next one. 

Teresa Banks Nice

10/11/10 02:56 PM #15    


Barbara Boarman (Green-Kearns)

What a great reunion, thanks to all who came & made it great time!! Sorry there were so many who missed it.

10/11/10 08:28 PM #16    


Kathy Brice

If you are uploading pictures from the reunion to your profile, please let the class know to go there to look!

As I understand it, many, many more pictures will be posted.



10/26/10 04:24 PM #17    

Kim Emerson

Hi Jeff -- I'll be at Paul's Deli the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, but what time?

10/28/10 11:25 AM #18    


William Patrick (Patrick)

 Thank you for all your hard work Kathy. The REUNION was great! I want to put a group cruise together in 5yrs. If we have enough people interested? Please let me know at email Who wants to go on one and where?



11/01/10 08:53 PM #19    


Kelly Mihalcoe

 GREAT JOB KATHY!!!!! let me know if you still need money or don't get enough to cover your costs!

I think a cruise would be fun in 5 years... hope to see you all over the holidays!



11/12/10 11:32 AM #20    

Bernard (Bj) Schroeder

Hi Everyone!

Sorry to have missed the 30th Reunion, but it looked like you all had a good time!!  We would have been there, if we didn't already have prior commitments.  Susie and I are thankful to those of you who tirelessly worked on the project.  We realize many hours and hard work went into all of the planning and also in keeping up this site.  THANKS!!!!  We are interested in keeping in touch with fellow classmates and hope to be able to join you guys at Paul's and Greene Leaf.  We'll keep checking the site!  We would most likely show up at Paul's between 7--9 PM, (our crazy schedule permitting!).  We also keep in touch with other (year) classmates (such as Knight Smith) and would like to invite them to these social gatherings.  Is that okay?

11/12/10 04:48 PM #21    


Kathy Brice

Glad to hear from you B.J. and it was too bad you couldn't make the reunion -- we did have a blast.  As for the November and December "get togethers" -- I'm sure it is ok to invite anyone who would be interested.  There will be nothing formal just for our class and it would be great to see people from other classes. 

I just posted 234 pictures for Barbara Green-Kearns on the site -- hopefully you saw them.


11/12/10 05:06 PM #22    


William Patrick (Patrick)

 In five yrs I would like to put a cruise together or a resort week. So let me know what the Class would like to do? Email me @ with what we want to do? Thanks hope everyone will be involved. The 30 yr reunion was great. Will keep the Class of 1980 in our prayers.

11/22/10 10:07 PM #23    


Teri Sandy (Keroack)

I had a great time at the reunion. kathy, thank you for all the hard work that you put into

it. I am looking forward to joining people at Paul's this week. Bob & I will be late arrivals

but we are coming.


11/23/10 06:32 PM #24    


Kathy Brice

Jeff Hall said he would be there around 6 pm.  I was trying to drive down from DC for the evening, but it is just too much (with having to drive back to DC for Thanksgiving dinner by noon). 

I hope you all have a good time.



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