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Endorsed by Presidents and CEOs of AARP, Mental Health America, National Council on Aging, Well Spouse Association, National Respite Center, International Psychiatrist Dr. Alejandro Villalobos and others....Family and Relationship "Book of the Year" #1 Best Seller...Rated one of Top 15 Caregiving Books....



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Whether you are caring for your husband, wife or parents,

or if you care about someone who is a caregiver,

         This is the Handbook of Hope to Save Your Relationships and Your Life



by Diana B. Denholm, Ph.D.

Internationally Recognized Expert on Caregiving

Doorland Health Long-Term Care Award Recipient

Sherman Patient Engagement Award Nominee

The Beryl Institute Patient Experience


 You will gain the skills in the Handbook to help you save YOUR life and YOUR relationships now!

Put this Handbook of Hope into the hands of someone you care about.

            When we are with loved ones who are gravely ill, the day-to-day matters of your role in their care, your previous roles, your own self-care, your ongoing lives, household management, sleep, sex and intimacy, changes in and strains on your marriages, and current and future finances are all right in your face. Practical issues continue that require action on your part. Some require important communication between you and your loved ones or other family members. Which issues should you discuss or shouldn’t you discuss with your loved one? How do you sort out these issues? And then, how should you handle the issues themselves?

•Find answers to your difficult questions:

Is it normal for you to feel….?

What do you do when….?

How do you talk to him about….?

Do you really have to….?

How will you be able to….?

What do you do when he won’t discuss….?

•Know which problems you can expect and discover solutions for them.

•Learn ingenious survival tips from women who have been through this.     

•Find out which roles and duties you should accept and those you should avoid.

•Learn specific do’s and don’ts to make your life simpler
and your marriage happier. 

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