Enroute Reunion Events

2019 Enroute Reunion - Gatlinburg, TN
    ** Reunion Fee is $10.00/person **

The Pub

The Tour
Tour is $30.00/person - museum entry and tour guide


Friday, 11 October 2019

Great news for Enrouters attending the 2019 Reunion in Gatlinburg, Tennessee!  Our host has finalized plans for a trip to Oak Ridge, TN.  We will visit the new  “American Museum of Science and Energy (AMSE)”.  We will then have lunch at “The Soup Kitchen” restaurant, followed by an escorted, guided tour of the “Secret City”, the once highly-classified area in which the material used in the World War II atomic bombs was developed.

AMSE 01.jpgThe previous AMSE facility has been closed down, but the brand new location opened recently and is the first stop on our tour.  You will have plenty of time to explore the museum before we move on.  In addition, a second new museum location is scheduled to open in the summer of 2019 and that location will be added to our afternoon tour itinerary.  Museum entry fees are covered by the tour fee paid when you registered.


Soup Kitchen 01 Bread.jpgA group lunch is next up.  “The Soup Kitchen” is located in one of the historic buildings of the original “Secret City”.  The cafeteria style restaurant is locally famous for delicious soup & sandwich combinations, but many other items are available.  We have a separate room reserved for our group. 

Soup selections may vary daily and cost $5.55.  Breads run $1.70.  Hot and cold sandwiches on great breads cost around $6.00-7.00.  Salads and desserts are also available. Check the website.

Our guide, Mr. Ray Smith, will be joining us at lunch.  He is now retired as Historian of Y-12, a section of the “Secret City” project.  Mr. Smith is currently an Oak Ridge Historian..

After lunch, Ray Smith will lead our car-pool parade to three or more interesting historical sites within the “Secret City” area, stopping at each site for informative briefings and viewing.  Standard tours of the “Secret City” allow only USA citizens.  Ray Smith has specially arranged this tour in such a manner that the German citizen members of our group will be welcome for the entire tour.

There will be a  nominal tour fee for museum entrance(s) and for the tour guide.  Lunch will be cafeteria style and pay as you go.  These fees will be placed on the web site as soon as they are finalized.  Wherever possible, fees have been included in your prepaid tour fee to simplify matters.  Transportation will be by car-pooling (also allowed by special arrangement by Historian Ray Smith).  We will depart the Lodge for Oak Ridge in a car-pool parade at 8:00am (0800 hrs), Friday, 11 October 2019, returning at approximately 6:00pm (1800 hrs).  Maps will be provided for drivers, but GPS would be of great benefit.


AMSE – https://amse.org

The Soup Kitchen – www.thesoupkitchen.com/oak-ridge

Secret City Videos – https://www.y12.doe.gov/about/history/video-gallery

It is highly recommended that you view these videos before the tour; a little fore-knowledge adds greatly to tour enjoyment.


The Saturday Evening Banquet

Banquet is $40.00/person - three meat buffet 
Saturday, 12 October 2019

Our reunion banquet will be catered right in our hospitality room.  No need to drive anywhere.  Holston’s Catering Co. will prepare the room and will bring in plenty of food.  

A POW/MIA Table will be honored.

The buffet will be as follows:


Tossed salad - includes mixed greens, grape tomatoes, shaved red onions, shredded carrots, chopped bacon, cheddar & jack cheese, handmade croutons - Served with choice of two dressings.     

Main Course

Pulled Pork & Chicken & Smoked Brisket - Served with fresh rolls, baked beans, coleslaw, and potato salad 


Assorted cobblers                                                                                                                             


Drink station w/ Sweet & Unsweet Tea, and water                                                                      

Cost for this buffet will be $40.00 per person.

Our speaker for the evening will be Ray Smith, retired Y-12 Historian, currently a City of Oak Ridge Historian.  Mr. Smith is the guide for the “Secret City”/Oak Eidge Tour scheduled for Friday, 11 October.  His after-dinner presentation will deal with the book, The Girls of Atomic City: The Untold Story of the Women Who Helped Win World War II, by Mr. Smith’s friend Denise Kiernan.  However, he has indicated he will open an extended period for questions about all aspects of The Manhattan Project.        

Ray Smith


Senior Historical Specialist, Strata G: https://www.stratag.org/

Historian, City of Oak Ridge: http://smithdray1.net/angeltowns/or/orth.htm

Commissioner, Tennessee Historical Commission: https:///www.tn.gov/environment/about-tdec/tennessee-historical-commissioni.html

Historian, Y-12 National Security Complex (retired): www.y12.doe.gov/about/history

Board Member, Atomic Heritage Foundation: https://www.atomicheritage.org

Photographer: https://ray-smith.smugmug.com

Author: www.lulu.com/spotlight.smithdray

Newspaper Columnist: http://smithdray1.net/historicallyspeaking/archive.html

Webmaster: www.draysmith.com