2019 Enroute Reunion (Oct)

Gatlinburg, Tennessee 
When:  8-13 October, 2019

Trolleys covering various routes around the area are available right across the street from the hotel.  This is the only location at which all the routes come together, so you have easy access to virtually any location.  The best deal is available at the hotel front desk.  Get an All-Day On & Off Trolley Pass for $2.  The pass is good on all routes except the Pink/Dollywood and the Tan/National Park routes.  Individual fares vary by route from 50 cents to $1 per trip, and exact change is required.  The Yellow Route costs $1 for all day (exact change).  www.gatlinburgtrolley.org

Just one of the many, many attractions to visit in the Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies, right across the street from the hotel.  As with every place in Gatlinburg, ask about the military rate.   www.ripleyaquariums.com/gatlinburg/

The nearest large airport is Knoxville’s McGee-Tyson Airport (TYS), approximately 40 miles from Gatlinburg.  Watch the Enroute web site for transport information.  Reunion planners are investigating options.   www.flyknoxville.com/

Check out Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, TN, on the internet and see the excitement that is available for the entire family in this area. 
Keep checking the Enroute web site for all the plans for the BEST Enroute Reunion EVER!




Friday - A day trip to Oak Ridge (TN) - The Secret City Behind the Fence Tour

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