f-35 tour
Posted Tuesday, September 29, 2015 07:07 AM

The F-35 tour is Fri.Oct 9 11:30 AM after and leaving from the Eglin Armamet tour.Here is a list of names of people who contacted me and would like to go.

1 Richart Figueroa SSgt USAF

2 Richard Figueroa Retire USAF

3 Dan Greene Reired USAF

4 Tiffiny Greene Reired USAF

5 John Kettley Reired USAF

6 Renee Kettley Reired USAF

7 Tom Davis Reired USAF

8 Sue Davis Reired USAF

9 Stan Miller Reired USA10

10 Harry Bryza Reired USAF

11Robert White

12 Debra Murphy

13 Dan Eigenbrode

14 Fred Elizondo

15 Paul Spletzer

If any one else is interested please let me know ASAP Paul Spletzer