Judy Pashley

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Judy Pashley
Residing In: Williston, FL USA
Occupation: Administrative Assist University of Florida
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Year Departed Rhein Main:


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B Flight

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I left the Air Force when I left Germany and had a five year break and joined the Air National Guard/ 202 Red Horse/ as an AGR (Active Guard/Reserve) and ended up retiring as a MSgt with 24 years. I just retired in Feb 2006 and am now working at the University of Florida working in Asset Management ( Inventory).

Your favorite Rhein Main Story:

The best time I had over there was when traveling with Don Moran and Dave Prince. We went out to eat one night after work and decided to drive to Lucerne Switzerland. We ended up sleeping in the car in the parking lot in Lucerne waiting for something to open to get a bite to eat. On the way back to Rhein Main, Dave's car broke an axle and as he drove on the shoulder of the Autobahn, we sat on the hood to keep the weight of the car off the axle until we could get his car off the road. We then had to catch a train back to Frankfurt. It is something I have never forgotten in almost thirty years. I loved every minute of it.

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Judy and Steve Pavon
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FIG, your cheesburger is ready.
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Judy and Cassidy in Combat Action
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Judy Pashley's B Flight Family