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Added 04/18/2014
Plainview High School Class of 1962
Plainview High School

Class of 1962

The system that Class Creator has provided is very user friendly and the staff is always available to answer any questions you might have. Our 50th reunion was the best ever, thanks to CC. We went live four years ago and since that time we have had more than 47,000 visits to our site. I highly recommend Class Creator if you are considering a class website.
Added 04/17/2014
Carlmont High School
Carlmont High School

Class of 1965

I am VERY happy that we chose to use Class Creator to develop and host our web site. The process is very well organized, easy to understand, and there is help available whenever needed. Although I am far from being a techie, I can manage the site and make it accomplish what we wanted it to do: encourage our classmates to keep in touch and get information about our upcoming 50th reunion!
Added 04/16/2014
Charlottetown Rural High School
Charlottetown Rural High School

Class of 1984

I found the site quite easy to set up and would highly recommend to others.
Added 04/15/2014
T L Handy High School
T L Handy High School

Class of 1963

I started this Cass Creator website in October 2012. I have considerable computer experience, so it was a breeze to set this site up. I tend to it once a week or so, and update the first page. Other than that, there is little to do as people log into the site and get on-board. Our 50th Class Reunion was held in September 2013.
Added 04/14/2014
Federal Government Girls' College
Federal Government Girls' College

Classes of 1983 - 2012

Class Creator is such a great place with lots and lots of resources to help amateur administrators like me. We've been here 3 years and I haven't regretted a single day! Thanks!
Added 04/13/2014
Lincoln High School
Lincoln High School

Class of 1979

Class Creator is the most comprehensive tool available for novices building a prescence on the web for connecting classmates from the past and keeping them engaged for the future. Excellent!
Added 04/12/2014
Sequoia High School
Sequoia High School

Class of 1975

Can't say my site is amazing to others, but it is amazing to me that I had a hand on it ! Honestly, I could not have made such a website on my own and still have hair. All the thanks go to CC, showing me the way to build a website using their tools, internet tools, other admins ideas, and the little bit of creativeness that I have. It was so simple. Having a constant line to help was a big key to not giving up. Thanks to all the CC crew and other admins.

The website was a mega tool when organizing our 35th class reunion weekend (which was a huge success). Everyone commented on the website. I graciously accept all the glory that belongs to CC. I just cannot thank CC enough!
Added 04/11/2014
Waseca High School
Waseca High School

Class of 1963

Working on this website and preserving the history of our class has become a passion of mine and my fellow administrators. We are gearing up for our 50th reunion in September!
Added 04/10/2014
Shawnee Mission North High School
Shawnee Mission North High School

Class of 1963

We just finished having our 50 year class reunion. So many compliments on our website - almost had to deny I did it as Class Creator makes it so easy!
Added 04/09/2014
Needham Broughton High School . Raleigh, NC
Needham Broughton High School

Class of 1963

The thought of creating a website for our high school class to keep in to touch with classmates and promote our upcoming 50th Class reunion in August initially appeared to be a difficult task. Then I heard about Class Creator, went to their website, and in a matter of hours I had created our very own website. I felt so proud about what I saw, but I owe it all to Class Creator and the ease in which they helped me accomplish a task that I initially thought would be difficult.
Thanks to Class Creator and all their support staff that has helped along the way!
Being able to share thoughts and ideas with other site administrators is a wonderful way to get more input for what we do as well!
Thanks again to Class Creator! My classmates love this website!
Added 04/08/2014
Plainedge High School

Class of 1970

First class of four from our High School to have a Class Creator web site. Classmate participation and reunions have be so successful that the Class Creator's legacy will continue to host our future class years!
Added 04/07/2014
John I Leonard High School
John I Leonard High School

Classes 1968 to 1976

I have been managing two high school sites - one for my wife which is John I Leonard and Palm Beach High School both out of West Palm Beach Florida. Easy to run and great fun reconnecting with old friends!

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