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Added 09/01/2014

Class of 1965

Both my high school and college classes have websites through and we all love it! As the Administrator for my college class website, I have the flexibility to change posts often and do so when an occasion arises or the mood feels like it. I also send frequent e-mails to the class encouraging each of them to submit a post. It is fun, easy and a wonderful way to renew and foster relationships. The support team is always readily accessible and very helpful. I have had only positive experiences since utilizing both these websites.
Added 08/31/2014
Kenosha Bradford Alumni Association
Kenosha Bradford Alumni Association

Classes of 1915 - 2014

What a great place for Classmates to find each other and create more memories that were first started at Bradford High School. Bradford High School is the oldest Alumni Association west of the Alleghenies since the first graduating class of 1891. Please join today!
Added 08/30/2014
Appleton East High School
Appleton East High School

Class of 1984

We were one of the original first sites to be on ClassCreator and Love it. It made the reunion so much easier to plan. In the beginning, there wasn't as much as the site can do today and Class Creator was so helpful in listening to ideas and then magically they would just appear.
Added 08/29/2014
Bay High School
Bay High School

Class of 1973

Our class had over 600 classmates, Class Creator gave us a new way to connect with old friends. It is very user friendly and Class Creator has always helped me with any concerns.
Added 08/28/2014
Texas High School
Texas High School

Class of 1983

Class Creator saved me! So thankful for this Web site. Now I am not dreading class reunions to come! Has truly brought our class closer! Blessed!
Added 08/27/2014
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Walton High School

Classes of the 80s

Thanks to ClassCreator we have been having successful reunions one after the other because we now have a platform where our classmates can join and keep in touch.
Added 08/26/2014
Celina High School
Celina High School

Class of 1960

Class Creator makes it easy to create a website. If I can manage to do it, anyone can!
Added 08/25/2014
Grifton High School
Grifton High School

Class of 1968

The new changes made it a breeze to customize and enhance the site for our class website. I like the idea of one central place where I can provide links to photos and videos for my fellow classmates to enjoy and remember. Many thanks to Class Creator.
Added 08/24/2014
Louis Pasteur Junion High School

Classes of 1958 - 1969

LOVE working with Class Creator and developing our site .We have over 100,000 hits and we have reconnected so many people with old friends from our old neighborhood and JHS. We used it to help us with our reunion and we had a successful turnout with over 600 in attendance!
Added 08/23/2014
Needham Broughton High School
Needham Broughton High School

Class of 1961

The Class Creator site was SO easy to set up! And, everyone gives me credit for building it!
Added 08/22/2014
Crystal Lake Community High School
Crystal Lake Community High School

Class of 1968

Classmates across the country have enjoyed keeping in touch through our class website. Not everyone wants to attend a reunion, but many enjoy keeping in touch from afar.
Added 08/21/2014
Highlands High School - San Antonio, TX
Highlands High School - San Antonio, TX

Class of 1967

I've owned a PC consulting business for over 30 years. So when my high school class wanted to create a website in 2006, I built it from scratch using HTML code and have been maintaining it ever since.

And then 6 months ago, I found Class Creator. WOW... what a find! I immediately began rebuilding our site with Class Creator. The features, capabilities, and ease of setup are truly amazing. It does everything for us and then some. We couldn't be happier. I am now the happy admin of 2 sites.


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