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Welcome to Our Site!

~ The official class-run site for EHS Class of 1964 ~
Stay in touch with classmates and class activities.  Join us here!  

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Spring Has Sprung!

In these tumultuous times, it is impossible to make plans with any certainty.  
We haven't planned a picnic, but we're hopeful that the Guys' Luncheon, and the *
NEW* Ladies Luncheon will both happen.  We'll have to wait and see what
"social distancing" means in the future.  

We'll post announcements when we know more.

Until then, stay connected!  Send your comments or questions to Tiger

* * * * *

According to our recent Ladies Luncheon Survey . . .

The Ladies want a Luncheon, too!

"We'll make an announcement soon and hopefully send invitations later this year
Thank you to all who responded."       
~ Ellen Middaugh Williams


~ Official Class-run Website ~   
Class of 1964

 Holding down the Web site!

Welcome to Our Site!

We have created this web site for the benefit of those who graduated in June of 1964
Edmonds Senior High School in Edmonds, Washington.  

Most pages on our site are open to the public.  We invite you to explore all that's available.
However, some private information is viewable only by Classmates that are logged in.  

If you are one of us -- please join us to share and experience everything that's here! 

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Secret Link:  Ask Tiger, "What are others up to?"




Who lives where - click links below to find out.

2 live in Alaska
9 live in Arizona
18 live in California
1 lives in Colorado
1 lives in Delaware
3 live in Florida
4 live in Georgia
2 live in Hawaii
6 live in Idaho
1 lives in Illinois
1 lives in Indiana
1 lives in Maryland
2 live in Michigan
3 live in Montana
3 live in Nevada
1 lives in New Mexico
3 live in New York
1 lives in North Carolina
1 lives in Oklahoma
15 live in Oregon
2 live in Pennsylvania
1 lives in South Carolina
3 live in Tennessee
3 live in Texas
2 live in Utah
202 live in Washington
1 lives in Ontario
1 lives in Thailand
1 lives in Uruguay
102 location unknown
107 are deceased


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