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2023 Summer Picnic

EHS64 Summer Picnic
Thursday, July 13, 2023
Edmonds City Park

Forty-one attended this year's gathering including 25 EHS '64 Grads and their 5 guests,
along with 10 EHS Grads from other classes, and 1 other guest.

Pictured above, left-to-right, front-to-back:  Allen Albertson EHS72, Sonja** Adams, Bill Fulton (kneeling), Lee McAllister, Al Phillips,
Jerry Speaks, Barry Rice
and Dan Smart.  Don Thorne in front of Stefanie Prestek and Glenn Allen. 
Sonda Morgan Clubine
hiding Becky Dunnam Nickels, then Jim Donaghy, and Jack Mackie
Linda Massey in front of Nancy Gibbs and Clint Wright (the face on the tree).

Lee Meaker Seitz in front of Alix Useldinger Edwards and Bob Stoe, with John Leighton in back. 
Roger Brown in front of Bruce Hale and Ron Ruosch.  And finally, Dan Abbott.

** Sonja joined us in memory of her late husband, Waide Adams EHS76.

Also attending, but not pictured above were:  Steve Date, Kelly Paxton EHS60, Steve Brown EHS74 (brother to Roger Brown),
Gayle Armistead Thorne (Don) EHS66, Lisha English EHS66, Wendy Wood EHS66,
Marcia Pennington EHS65, Mary Lien Anderson EHS58, Lois Lien Youngren EHS63 and her husband Hal Youngren.

Friends and significant others not pictured:  Bob Clubine (Sonda), Helen Phillips (Al), Suzy Speaks (Jerry),
Forrest Pease (Lee Seitz) and Tom Davies (Stefanie Prestek).


  Enjoy the photos below.  Scroll down or click here to see the complete gallery of pictures. 


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Click on picture in the gallery below to start a slide show.  Click 'pause' to flip through at your own pace
Photos were contributed by:  Alix Useldinger Edwards, Becky Dunnam Nickels, Gayle Armistead Thorne EHS66, Lee McAllister and Ron Ruosch